What’s Going On?

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Since April is the month of poetry, I will try to create a poem to share my slice.

March 31,

I leave my link,

from my computer.

It does not appear!

I leave a comment

on a WordPress blog,

It does not appear.

I leave a comment

on a Blogspot post,

It appears.

What’s going on?


On my iPad,

I leave my link,


and again.

It does not appear.

What is going on?

New plan,

use library’s computer.

Check for my link.

Yes, it’s there!

Leave a comment,

It doesn’t appear!

Email said link was in spam.

Now comments are marked as spam.

What’s going on?

Akismet can’t explain

What’s going on,

But they can fix it.

Thank you Akismet.

Did I rile the spam folder with my post?




20 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. Oh my goodness. I haven’t experienced this, but I do have my share of formatting issues with Blogger. I feel like we’re fighting about half the time & sometimes, I just roll up the white flag and surrender.

  2. carwilc says:

    Ai-yi-yi! The commenting thing! The spam thing! The type this really-hard-to-read word to prove that you are not a robot! I love reading and commenting on people’s posts, but all this tech stuff drives me crazy!

  3. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Ha! What a great poem that clearly describes how you were feeling! And your last line … perfection!

  4. With all the sleuthing you did you make Sherlock proud. I really believe that there is no rhyme or reason to why technological problems occur. I think the technology gods are toying with us.

  5. First, I love the way you wrote this–bouncing words all over. Second, I had trouble commenting on wordpress blogs the last week or so of the challenge. Especially new ones I hadn’t been to before. Hopefully I have this fixed now!

  6. I love the formatting here–bouncing across the screen to read felt like bouncing through different options trying to solve a technical problem and ending up right back where I started. So clever!

    • Thank you, I did feel a bit bounced around as I tried to discover what happened to mark my comments as spam. The straight line just didn’t fit with my thinking so I played with the line placement. Always a tricky thing with WordPress.

  7. The challenges of technology – the latest and greatest, right? Cute poem – I felt your frustration, but glad that it’s now fixed and you can move on. I just say “it’s part of the plot….”

  8. Alice Nine says:

    I’ve had some e-trouble this past week…. you know the usual entering password or the right url… or stuff in spam… Whatever! So exasperating! So your words of frustration resonated with me. Hopefully it is over.

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