In March

In March, the earth slowly begins the warming process to encourage plants. Sometimes that is a cruel trick.

In March, the weather is unpredictable. One day it might be warm and sunny, but overnight winds bring snow to blanket the earth.

In March, clocks spring forward an hour. An hour lost takes its toll on a body.

In March, the world exclaims, “I’m Irish!” for a day. Many dress in green devouring corned beef and cabbage.

In March, the trees hide no secrets, revealing broken limbs and nesting places.

Slowly, the buds of new growth appear. A few leaves unfurl,



brilliant blossoms appear.

In March, a spring’s gate opens wide to welcome the green back from its winter’s rest. Bulbs planted in fall push dirt aside to claim their space.

In March, animals shake slumber of hibernation off. Birds flit, collecting bits of grass, twigs, strings for new nests.

In March, people write more every day to meet a challenge. Writing friends, old and new, share a slice of their life. Writers play with words to preserve a thought or perhaps a moment observed.

In March, the world grows a little bit smaller because of the Slice of Life Challenge. Congratulations to all who have written this month.

Perhaps you recognized my mentor text for this post, In November by Cynthia Rylant

31 thoughts on “In March

  1. Wonderful Post, Elsie. I love all your March takeaways. Thanks for year 8. You are a point on my writing compass and I always love reading your posts and hearing from you on mine.

  2. What a great way to celebrate March and this challenge.Thanks for all the comments you left on my posts, elsie. Looking forward to reading your Tuesday posts.

  3. So glad to see you ending with so much great spring energy even though more snow is called for Monday. But hey that’s the crazy life we lead… So good to have shared another March with you friend. Hope we get to meet up in real life soon. Let’s plan it!

  4. carwilc says:

    Such a clever way to end! IN NOVEMBER is one of my favorite books, and it’s one I have used a lot with other writers, with lots of good results. I agree with you, the world is a little bit smaller because of slicing. Thanks for being such a faithful commenter again this year! And someday, you will pass through Denver (or somewhere within a days’ drive) on one of your treks, and I will meet you at one of the fun restaurants you always seem to find!

  5. I love Cynthia Rylant! This line really sums SOLC up: “the world grows a little bit smaller because of the Slice of Life Challenge.” I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and appreciated your comments and responses. Here’s to Tuesdays.

  6. Oh, I love, love, love this book! But, I didn’t recognize it as your mentor text. I was so caught up in your beautiful language! Here’s one of my favorite lines: “Bulbs planted in fall push dirt aside to claim their space.” And as always, I love the photos that accompany your words.
    I still remember when I first met you at All Write. I stalked you a bit before getting up my nerve to speak. And the friendship continues, built over the years as we’ve shared our lives slice by slice.

  7. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Beautiful! It is hard to choose a favorite line, but “the world grows a little smaller” reached for my heart! Will I see you in June? 🙂

  8. Beautiful slice with pictures to go along. We’ve all come a long ways not only this March, but every March that we’ve written in the past. Yes, the world does seem a bit smaller when we all connect and share. Thank you for all your comments and your slices. They are delightful! See you on Tuesday.

  9. Thanks for being a part of my March this year. As a first time slicer, your comments were always so encouraging and kept me going throughout the month. I’ve enjoyed your slices as well. You’ve shared some great mentor texts. I took a slice of bread out of the bag yesterday to find a good sized hole in it and I thought back to your slice and laughed. I could imagine the tuna, cheese and avocado. My sandwich paled in comparison. I look forward to reading more from you on Tuesdays!

    • Thanks for your comments. Just in case you don’t see a comment from me, there’s something odd going on with my computer and comments are not posting on WordPress.

      • Good to know! I was talking to my son yesterday about this whole experience and I told him about how you have commented every day. I was so worried I had offended you with something I had written. I have missed out on commenting on several blogger/blogspot posts due to issues with the site. Life was simpler before technology!

  10. Somehow I feel like I am always discovering new Rylant titles to be mentor texts. This is one I don’t know, and I love what you’ve done with it. So much to love about this piece. I do think my favorite line, though, is about the world becoming a little bit smaller.

    • Rylant’s text is so filled with senses, I didn’t quite do that. I love to have students take a month of the year and create a page to be combined to make a book. Check it out, you will like it.

  11. A beautiful way to end the month, Elsie! I agree, the world feels a little closer in March. And I always want to acknowledge that you were the one who first encouraged me to participate in the March challenge four years ago.Thank you!

  12. Love it, especially the last, “the world grows a little closer” because it rings true. I live in a rural, tight knit community with little diversity. SOL has enriched my world through acquaintances with all the slicers! We have adevrliped a tightly knit community of slicers!

  13. Congratulations on completing another challenge! I may not have written this year, but I stopped by here and there to read some of my favorites and find new ones. I love this Rylant scaffold from In November and use it often with my classes. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday! MB

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