Wrapped to Go

Sheets stripped from bed.

Flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase.

Individually placed in washer.

Spin cycle twists.

Wet sheets

Shaken to untangled,

Tossed into dryer.

Roll, flip, turn




Cycle chimes,

“Ready to go!”

Not so neatly packaged,

Wrapped to go.

At least it’s dry.


26 thoughts on “Wrapped to Go

  1. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Yours look totally better than mine ever do. Mostly I just wad them up and shove them in the linen closet. You get a gold star for trying!

  2. Alice Nine says:

    Love it! This is why I strip and putting the same set back… no folding! However, when my son and his family leave after their yearly visit, I’m doing up four sets to put away in the linen closet. And I’ve been known to talk to the corners.

  3. carwilc says:

    Your poem made me laugh! At least twice a year, I watch one of those YouTube videos were they demonstrate how to fold fitted sheets, and I think, “OK, now I will be able to do it.” Nope!

  4. Great poem. I always laugh a little when the sheets come out this way. Then I double check to ensure that the things inside the package are completely dry.

  5. I laughed! Love the photo! It is easy to strip the bed and throw everything into the washer and dryer – but I dread either folding them and putting them away or putting them back on the bed – always a bit of a struggle and the sheets always win!

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