Cardinal Conversation

Tap, tap

She: Is anyone home? I see red. Heelllooo!

Tap, tap

She: No one answered.  I know someone is home.


Come closer! Take a look! Someone is brighter than you!

He: I don’t think it’s safe to be that close. I like it out here.

She: Take a chance, I’ll meet you on the arm of this chair.

He: That’s as far as I’m going!

She: See, there’s nothing to be afraid of here. You need to take a chance and explore the world a little more. Who knows what’s out there waiting to be discovered.

He: You are right, look over there. Is that a bird feeder I spot? Let’s check it out.

They flew away that day, but she continues to tap at various windows. He, however, stays back and has not come closer again.




22 thoughts on “Cardinal Conversation

  1. Omg I love cardinals on window sills. I never had seen a female in person until this winter and now there’s one in my yard every day too. Such a nice uplifting slice. Very playful and dare I say, colorful 😉

    • My husband does not share your love for cardinals on window sills. He thinks this lady cardinal is mentally off since she continues to tap away at our windows. I don’t mind her at all.

  2. I love how you imagined their conversation. Such fun to read! It would be fun to give those images to kids and see what kind of dialogue they come up with. They could practice writing dialogue like a script. This could be a fun mentor text!

  3. margaretsmn says:

    I am impressed you got those candid shots of your cardinal couple. Love their conversation. That female is a risk taker!

  4. So fun! I have a lady cardinal that wakes me up on weekend mornings (not weekdays, interestingly enough!) from the apple tree outside my window. I often talk back to her. Today a poor robin was singing loudly at me as I stood under her perch in a tree and I know exactly what she was saying: “Hey people! It’s spring! I can’t get to the worms if it keeps snowing like this. HELLO!”

  5. mrsday75 says:

    This is a great conversation (complete with bird pics. I can never catch them) . Also a great idea for a slice….

  6. So fun to imagine the conversations that could happen between people/animals/anything we don’t understand. I might need to try this with students. Your pictures are great, Elsie!

  7. I heard bird voices when I opened the garage this morning. Love this conversation, but the pics are the best part. Thanks for sharing them along with your writing.

  8. Alice Nine says:

    Oh! OH! How delightful… Love your photos and the cardinals’ conversation. I’ve written a couple pieces about birds in the past and had such fun writing them. I just bookmarked your slice to come back to as a mentor text. Happy spring!

  9. You can tell who the adventurous one is. We have a feeder outside our dining area window and it is always so nice to see the cardinal helping himself to food. He does, however, drive the cats wild.

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