Hello, Bike

Hello, bike. It’s been a while since I’ve visited.

No, it’s not really you. I still like you, but I’ve been busy. Yes, I know that we make time for what we value. Ever since I returned from the river trip to Bordeaux, my energy for our daily meetings evaporated. I had a lot of days in schools scheduled and I needed time to prepare.

Today I woke up and knew we needed to become friends again. I have completed my days in schools. I have time for you every day. My timer is set for thirty minutes of nonstop peddling.

Thankfully I have a distraction in front of me as the rhythm of pedals and hum of wheels spin around and around.

Time on the couch reading flies by. Time working in my office passes quickly. Time on the bike s-l–o–w-s d-o-w-n, did it stop?


Don’t look at the timer, just pedal. Pedal faster and faster. Concentrate on the story being told on the TV. Surely, the time is almost over! Sneak a quick peek. Half way!

Another quick peek. Yes! I can do this! Make these last two minutes count!

The barking dog brings the pedals to a stop. I am breathing harder. I am sweaty. I am finished!

The cycle begins again, tomorrow. Yes, bike I will be back.

31 thoughts on “Hello, Bike

  1. Oh, I love the format of this post. It’s giving me some ideas to try. I really enjoyed reading this and could see myself saying some of the same things. Why does time seem to slow down when we exercise?

  2. Making a “deal” with myself is often how I complete those tasks that are least favorite. Only one tv in the house so it won’t be that. Hmmm . . . thinking of solutions is a great start! Love how your pictures inspire and give you real time data!

  3. Your comment about pedaling faster made me laugh. I do 15 minutes of biking as part of my physical therapy and I’m always thinking that if I pedal faster the time will go faster. Duh!

  4. It’s always a challenge to get back into an exercise routine, but I know you and Bike will get well acquainted once again. And, yes, the timer does seem to go really slow sometimes.

  5. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Go Elsie! I’m hoping to get some steps in this week. We have a health challenge at school when we come back, so it wouldn’t hurt me to get ahead start this week!

  6. Terje says:

    You made it! The time played tricks but you kept going. Hopefully the weather will soon permit some rides outside, so we can hear stories of birds, animals and people you see on the way.

  7. That’s awesome. I love the way you set this up – rolling out the things you’ve dedicated your time to in lieu of biking. It’s got such a nice energy to it. Like here:

    ‘Time on the couch reading flies by. Time working in my office passes quickly. Time on the bike s-l–o–w-s d-o-w-n, did it stop?”

    That made me laugh out loud. It’s like a great aside in a conversation. Really sets the tone for us “suffering” the slow of only 30 minutes with you… Now what do you have going on with this bike? Have you made it stationary somehow? I’ve got to get my husband one of those if so!

    • The bike is on something called a trainer. It turns regular bikes into a stationary bike. The front wheel doesn’t move, but the back one is lifted so you can pedal.

  8. This slice makes me tired. Congrats for getting back to it. I like the way you structured this- I almost feel like I got some exercise along with you. No? Sigh. Ok.

    • Yes, the regular bike can be a stationary bike when you have a trainer. It’s easy to put the bike on the trainer and take it off so you can ride the bike on the street.

  9. I love that we both wrote about getting back to exercise! I want to cycle, too! 🙂 I wish Jakarta was safe enough to cycle on the streets, but no such luck! Glad you got back on the bike!

  10. When I have been successful before, I had a show on Netflix I would only let myself watch when I was exercising. It made the time go faster. You are right about time, anywhere besides exercising it speeds by. But exercising, time creeps by like a turtle!

  11. Good for you, Elsie! You have reminded me of my commitment to walk with the dogs for 15 to 20 minutes each day and perhaps return to the gym three times a week to pedal! Keep up the exercise routine….it is so important. I agree, it is not like sitting on the sofa curled up with a great book – but it is necessary. I think I will put my sneakers on….

  12. cmargocs says:

    Making time for exercise is constantly on my to-do list, as well. Kudos for getting reacquainted with your bike! May it not be the only time this week.

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