A Dutch Restaurant?

A new restaurant opened last week.

There is no sign on the building, but there is a clue in the window.

Welcome to Van Gogh’s Eeterie!

Come in, sit down, and have a look around.

The cuisine is not like any other in town. Perhaps you would like a taste of

Dutch dishes:

  • Sweet or savory pannenkoek (Dutch pancake)
  • Broodjes (sandwiches)
  • Stampots (potatoes mashed with additional vegetables)

Not to your taste?  Then try some Indonesian-Dutch cuisine:

  • Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)
  • Sate Platter (chicken skewers with peanut sauce)
  • Laap pa (fish salad)

Or would you rather sample something from each type of cuisine?

What ever you decide, you will find Van Gogh waiting.



33 thoughts on “A Dutch Restaurant?

  1. What beautiful photos – you could be the advertiser! I would go for the atmosphere first and ask what the waiters and waitresses like best … this has never steered me wrong.If they don’t eat there – LEAVE!

  2. If you can’t join them, beat them? Why be like every other Italian/Asian/American… establishment. Bring on the Dutch and a bit of Van Gogh, pretty clever.

  3. When I was very young I used to dream about visiting Holland to see the tulips. Obviously I would be very interested in trying out this new restaurant if it weren’t so far away. I love new cuisine discoveries and “traveling” to new places. Someday I hope to get there….

    • I’ve never seen a Dutch restaurant in the States. I do enjoy the food when I go to the Netherlands. I’m looking forward to trying more.

  4. I am all for trying new dishes. These sound interesting. Around here Dutch food has a whole different meaning…Hog Maw (pig stomach); Schnitz und Knepp (Ham with Dried Apples and Dumplings); etc.

  5. Just loved the photos and the description of the dishes. I want to try Dutch pancakes and stampots. The sate platter, too. Definitely a place I would go for lunch! Comfortable, welcoming. Thanks for sharing, Elsie!

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