Good News/Bad News at Doctor Appointment

I was supposed to visit the doctor for my annual physical in February, but the doctor was going to be out of town during my date. It was rescheduled for yesterday. Last Friday I had to have blood taken for my appointment. It was a challenge to get to the lab when it opened at 7:00 (joining the throng of others there), blood taken, grab some breakfast (a fasting lab so no eating before), and drive 30 minutes to arrive by 8:15. I made it happen.

Good news started when I got to my appointment. There was no co-pay since this was an annual. That surprised me because I have always paid in the past. I figure they will send me a bill later.

I was there fifteen minutes before my appointment, just like they asked me to be. The receptionist said, “Don’t sit down, I think she is coming to get you.” I have never gotten in early! Apparently the 10:20 appointment was late, so I got her spot.

More good news when the doctor came in and said my blood work looked good. I was feeling pretty good until she said, “But I have some bad news.” My stomach dropped with those words. “It seems that the lab didn’t do the screening for your cholesterol. I need you to do another fasting and come back for them to draw blood again.” Oh well, I guess that’s not the worst news ever.

Then she said, “And you will need to do a Pap test next year.” I thought she did one last year and I would have two years off. It seems that I didn’t do one last year, so I will be due for another next year. Ugh!

All in all, it was a good visit. I was out in no time because I got in early. Now I’m thinking that to reward myself for doing the blood again I might have to try out a newly opened restaurant, First Watch, after they draw blood. So I guess that news wasn’t as bad as I first thought.

18 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News at Doctor Appointment

  1. Always good to find a way to make light of what’s a chore. Ugh, I hate fasting tests unless they are early early in the morning. I can go until like 8am tops without at least coffee. So glad you’re good but that sucks you have go back for more poking again.

  2. An inconvenience, but not devastating news. And now you have the opportunity to try out a new restaurant. I try to get early appointment times and still don’t get in on time. Sometimes I think they do that just to get my blood pressure up.

  3. Ack! Having to come back, fasting … my boys say doctors will keep you on a hamster wheel … food for thought. Speaking of food: I LOVE FIRST WATCH! One of my favorite things is the Farmhouse Skillet Hash. Amazing. Hope you do indulge & share what you got to eat.:)

  4. Glad the bad news was more of an inconvenience than bad news. My doctor likes to do blood work on the day of my appointment and it is usually fasting blood work. The only trouble is that his office likes to give me late appointments.

  5. I worried that the bad news would have to do with your blood test results. As horrible as a second blood draw and having your Pap test a year early is, the news could have been so much worse. Definitely worth celebrating at a new restaurant.

  6. glenda funk says:

    Ugh on being required to fast again and return for another blood draw. How can the lab forget that? It seems routine. I’d look into that lab and consider using a different one.

  7. carwilc says:

    So glad the bad news is so minor. You had me worried for a minute! And a new restaurant sounds like a perfect treat! I’m horrible about doing this kind of stuff. Reading your slice makes me think I really need to get my act together and get a physical!

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