Once There Was . . .

Once there was a new house with a lush green carpet in the backyard.

Soft blades tickled bare feet.

As the years passed,  trees grew and grew.

Shadow fingers caressed the green carpet.

However that carpet longed for the sun not the shade.

Over time, many blades gave up the fight.

New seedlings sprouted, but they too, yearned for sunshine.

Bare patches appeared, lush no longer.

Shadows won this battle.

A man worked all winter to extend the landscape bed.

The withered sparse grass removed.

A mountain of rock arrived to erase the bare patches.

Shadows claim victory over the grass,.

Only time will tell who is the victor:  man or shadows.



21 thoughts on “Once There Was . . .

  1. Sounds like a lot of determination has gone into your lawn! Your husband is committed to fixing the issue! Loved the poem, but my favorite line was “Over time, many blades gave up the fight.” 🙂

  2. I so enjoyed reading your poem and imagining the changes your yard has gone through. Last spring we bought a 1960s ranch and this year we begin to “remodel” the yard. I can’t wait to see the transformation! Good luck to you and your husband.

  3. Oooh, this is just beautifully crafted, elsie! I love your tone, word choice, and the way the words mix with the pictures! My dad really loves taking care of his yard just as lovingly as this, so I really connected to the story you painted for us!

  4. Love the way you wrote this and the added photos. The shade is good for hot summer days. I expect you might be able to find a great deal of plants that might like to grow in that shade as well.
    I just love seeing the green. We are still in snow weather here.

  5. Happy to read your responses and to know that your yard with a lot of help from a certain man will have fewer bare patches. Enjoy the new landscaping.

  6. Phillip van someren says:

    So no more grass? Rock mulch? I’d say man lost this one. Next round, tree dies, weeds grow in rocks….

  7. Because of the photos, I know this is a literal poem about a garden. But a garden can be a metaphor for life, and this poem really captures the obstacles we strive to overcome.

  8. carwilc says:

    Your house, I’m guessing. And your husband. I hope he is victorious! And yet sometimes, on a hot summer day, the shade is so lovely too. I love the pace at which this post unfolds.

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