No Chips?!

I am a rule follower (most of the time). I know that these rules are in place for good reasons. So when I am handed a sheet labeled  Oral Surgery Post-Operative Instructions, I will read it. Of course the assistant went over a few pertinent details before I left, but she knew I might have questions later. Hence the need for the printed instructions.

I spent the afternoon biting on gauze and not eating much. When my stomach started to grumble that it had not seen any food since before the extraction, I thought I should check my printed list of do’s and don’t’s.

Do eat soft food, such as gelatin, soup, well-cooked vegetables, and ground meat. That sentence sent me to the fridge to grab a peach-mango applesauce and a cup of tapioca. I have the soup category covered. I actually like my vegetables well-cooked. My husband hates soft broccoli, but I prefer it soft. So no problem there. We don’t eat a lot of ground meat, so I’ll have to think about that one.

Do not suck on a straw for at least five days. I prefer to drink with a straw. I hate the way ice bonds together, then splashes in your face when you tip the glass to drink. I don’t like it, but I will do it.

I read on, Do not eat hard, crunchy foods like chips, raw carrots, or popcorn for six weeks. What!? Are you kidding me? No crunchy food for SIX weeks? Now I’m not sure I will be able to follow this rule. I can see a couple of weeks, but SIX? I will just have to wait and see how my gums heals.

The one statement that made me laugh was Do not use illegal drugs while you are taking the narcotic medication. I guess they have to say it, but duh!

So here is what my lunch will be for the next couple of weeks:

Good thing I LOVE mac ‘n cheese!


31 thoughts on “No Chips?!

  1. Wow! I will say that peach-mango applesauce sounds divine, so hopefully it won’t be too bad to live off of that for a bit! I’m so sorry though… When I’m packing my lunch, I feel like crunchy foods are just one of the food groups. “Okay. I’ve got my protein, fruit, and something crunchy!” Hang in there.

  2. Six weeks seems excessive, indeed, But by the end of six weeks without crunchy things, who knows maybe you’ll become accustomed to the soft and not crave the crunchy.

  3. Looks like my daughter’s lunch! 🙂 You brought back memories of when I got my wisdom teeth out. Hope you feel better soon! (By the way, I hate ice falling on my mouth too!)

  4. Ha! You and my kids would get along really well! You have their favorite food groups covered in your picture. Hope your recovery is as smooth as your pudding!

  5. “The one statement that made me laugh was Do not use illegal drugs while you are taking the narcotic medication. I guess they have to say it, but duh!” I guess there are some people out there that need that no-brainer advice.

  6. Terje says:

    Love your reactions. So honest, and funny. Since you are a rule follower most of the time, I predict that you will wait the six weeks before you savor the chips. Wishing you complete and fast recovery!

  7. Glad to hear you are on your way to recovery. The no chips thing is because they don’t want anything to get into that space that is so vulnerable…and cause an inflammation. I think you will be able to chew mostly on one side of your mouth and can perhaps reintroduce chips…slowly and carefully. It’s a process….

  8. Now you MUST write about the first crunchy thing you eat after SIX weeks! I recently had a temporary crown but could crunch away on apples🍎 and baby carrots 🥕(part of my dietary staples)on the other side!☺I know you, though and you will make it work as evidenced by your lunch display and soup cache.

  9. Six weeks seems excessive but what do I know. I do like your lunch choices. They seem like something I could handle. Are crackers allowed, especially if they are broken up into soup and get nice and soggy? One of my favorite snacks it to top crackers with some salsa and cheese and microwave them. Crackers get soft. Hope the healing goes quickly.

  10. Kae says:

    Trust the voice of experience: if one breaks that rule or any they have provided, one will learn why it’s a rule!

  11. Joyce says:

    I like the choices you have selected for your restricted meals….especially when you add in the soup. I certainly share your angst about no crunch…for six weeks……yikes!!! I would be holding chips or crackers in my mouth until they softened.

  12. carwilc says:

    Six weeks without popcorn! ?!?! NO WAY!!!! I hope you are on the road to recovery! Although I agree with you, a life of mac and cheese would be fine with me!

  13. I am a fellow rule follower but 6 weeks without crunchy things – oh my! I have a friend who has the same issue with ice so I knew where you headed with that one. She just doesn’t use ice, which I can’t imagine. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  14. NO CHIPS FOR SIX WEEKS??? Oh my. I am with you–I like crunchy, salty food. Sometimes a chip or 2 or 500 chips can make a bad day better.

    Hopefully six weeks will pass quickly!

  15. I love the ideas I get when I read your title, but haven’t read the slice. This one made me think you were at a restaurant and chips were not delivered with your sandwich! That said – six weeks is a long time! I feel your pain.

  16. margaretsmn says:

    I do love chips and crunchy things, but I’ve given them up for a low carb diet. Yes the cravings are real, but you’ll get through it and may lose a few pounds in the process. Ha! Good luck!

  17. cmargocs says:

    We all crave something when we can’t have it, right? I love that you included the picture of what you will be eating. I hope your gums heal quickly!

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