Plans Derailed

The Plan: Read John Green”s book, Turtles All the Way Down,  while my husband drives us to Kansas City. Meander Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware (searching for a decorative black lantern for a table).  Savor the midday meal at some unknown eatery. Wander among the new cars at the KC Auto Show. Drive home. Sounds like a lovely relaxing day. But those plans were derailed by 7 a.m.

Mid-chew of my breakfast, I knew something was wrong. Something did not feel right. Slowly I slid my tongue over my teeth. Something moved. Nothing should move! Maybe it was a crown that was loose. (Hoping!)

No, it’s not the crown. I think it’s a tooth, or (horrors!) part of a tooth that’s wobbling. As my tongue explores, the sensation reminds me that I felt this before, when I was six, seven, and eight years old. This is not good. I have an hour to wait before I can call the dentist and beg to be seen.

They can see me at ten o’clock for an assessment of the situation. It is a long two hours as I try not to touch the area with my tongue.

X-rays confirm the tooth has split where the filling is. Four different options for treatment discussed, none easy, none cheap. The end result is the tooth must be extracted by an oral surgeon and an implant put in place. Sigh . . . This will not be quick. This will not be inexpensive. This will take months of healing before all is back to normal.

For a while, the tooth was glued back together, but after dinner part of the tooth broke away. Now, there is a gaping hole on the back side of the tooth. So far it doesn’t hurt. Tuesday, the tooth will be extracted and I will begin the journey on the path to getting an implant.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be another slice related to this issue this month. 😦

23 thoughts on “Plans Derailed

  1. mandyrobek says:

    Your plan sounded so good and I liked how you used the word derailed. Don’t worry about that implant, two of my daughters have implants and it went well.

  2. Joyce says:

    What a bummer of a situation. The appointment is set….soft food and reading until you are deemed good as new. Sure feel bad about your derailment.

  3. There is nothing worse that troubles with one’s teeth. At least you will get in soon – but not so nice that all your plans had to be derailed. Hope you are pain free til next week when work is done on your tooth.

  4. Oh no! What a lovely day you had planned. I enjoyed reading your account of your day. I felt my own anxiety rise as I imagined you feeling that loose tooth. Good luck and I look forward to reading more about what happens next.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Ouch! Going to the dentist is bad enough just to get a cleaning, but when it involves removing a tooth and more, it is not on my list of fun things to do. Praying that all will go smoothly, with little pain and not a lot of expense.

  6. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Oh no! What a disappointment. I sure hope all goes well. One of my lessons in the next couple of weeks is parenthesis and dashes – I could use this as a mentor text!

  7. From someone who’s had an implant . . . It is a process, but mine has never given me one bit of trouble. I say curl up & read your book. You should be able to finish it by Tuesday.

  8. Oh, the indignity of aging! I’ve had so many of these incidents I can’t count them. The most recent one occurred in the plane on the way to Greece last September! I lost a crown, so I had a gaping hole for the entire trip (plus the gastrointestinal issues I already had). It wasn’t visible and I could still eat, so I counted myself as “lucky.” Amazing how we learn to adjust. Hope your restoration will soon be over and you’ll be back to normal.

  9. Oh, I feel your pain. It has happened to me. I have crowns and bridges… as you said, expensive. I sometimes say I have a car in my mouth, I have spent so much on dental work through the years. I do hope it all turns out OK and that eventually you get back that lovely day you had planned.

  10. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Oh no, Elsie!! Tooth issues are the worst. Your description was spot on though … I caught myself running my tongue along my teeth waiting to feel something out of place! So sorry for the disruption in your day and in the days to come. Hang in there, read that book, and eat lots of soft food. 🙂

  11. The tooth situation is terrible but your opening paragraph for this Slice is great!!!!
    Fingers crossed that the process is smooth and you are back on schedule and reading on the road. That’s something I can’t do.

  12. The best laid plans. I once broke a tooth while eating a burger. I remember the waiting for it to be fixed. Hope things go well and smoothly for you.

  13. Phillip van someren says:

    Oh dear, dreaming about teeth coming out is said to be “fearing old age”. When they actually DO come out?! …not to worry younger cousin.

  14. Your planned day sounded lovely; so sorry things went off the rails. Here’s hoping the extraction on Tuesday goes well, and the dental healing process can begin. Take care.

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