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Simple request, “Could you pick up a new dust mop when you go to the store? Ours is looking a bit grungy.” 

“Can’t we just wash it?” No, that does not appear to be an option. “No problem! I’ll pick one up.”

Guess again, big problem!

You would think a Walmart Supercenter would have one simple dust mop. No, they don’t. They have all sorts of brooms and a large variety of wet mopping options, but no dust mops.

Next try, a Dollar General store. You can always find things there that are not found in other stores. No dust mop. 😦

Just in an off-chance, I wander to the cleaning section of a Walmart Neighborhood store. My expectations were low, but I held out hope for a miracle. No miracle. 😦

The lady at Dollar General had suggested a local grocery store. Might as well stop, I was near the store. Once again, my expectations were low.

Wait! What’s that? I spy a dust mop refill head. I look closer . . . I find the complete dust mop! It’s not exactly like the old one, but I think it will do the job.

Finally, the search is over! Who knew that such a simple common item would be so difficult to locate and replace?

18 thoughts on “Searching

  1. carwilc says:

    Yikes! I would have thought you could find a dust mop anywhere! Do you have Bed, Bath, and Beyond in your area? They always have lots of different cleaning supplies.

  2. mandyrobek says:

    I read your title and had to chuckle when I saw what you were talking about and then your closing has me really questioning you. Is this really a simple common item? You couldn’t find one. I’ve never owned one. Now I’m wondering if I should own one.

  3. I had to laugh as I read this because we went through the same dilemma not too long ago looking for a broom. I broke the handle off one that we liked and told Kathy I would replace it. Well, dozen of stores and weeks later I finally found one that was similar but not exact. Who knew finding a broom would be so difficult!

  4. We laugh at my husband who buys things he likes in multiples and stashes them in the “vault” (an upstairs closet). You never know what will be hard to find the next time you need it! Glad you were finally successful.

  5. Love how you can take the simplest situation and turn it into an interesting slice! I was planning on writing and responding when I can during March this year instead of formally committing since we will be traveling for a good chunk, but…

  6. So funny yet frustrating – can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced something similar. We like what we like and I always wonder: If it’s something that works, WHY do companies feel the need to change it?? Such a true slice of life. I also really appreciate your header quote about small things being the ones that count.

  7. Judy C. says:

    It’s those simple things that seem to be vanishing. It’s all about high tech and less manual labor. Glad you found what you were looking for. I agree – Amazon has “everything”.

  8. It is the simple things that often leave us in a state of flux! I also struggle with figuring out where I might find common items within stores. “The Other Store,” a small village enterprise in NH, fills just about every need imaginable as it sells everything from fresh baked bread to paint! Glad you found success!

  9. Your slice today reminds me of how my mother would talk about looking for something she had grown to depend on in her life, only to find it had disappeared. I am finding the same thing happening today. Sewing supplies, for example. Doesn’t anyone need a needle and thread anymore? I am afraid that having these experiences signifies we are of another generation that is fading away. I think they call them “swiffers” now. I, too, prefer the old dust mop. It did the job in my childhood home for decades!

  10. I feel the same way about a lot of shopping. I want something simple that doesn’t exist, but there are hundreds of fancy versions with all sorts of bells and whistles I don’t need.

  11. mrsday75 says:

    LOL. I sometimes feel like I’ve gotten lost in some of the big superstores all while looking for a simple, common item. And for some reason, their product placement makes no sense to me!

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