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Simple request, “Could you pick up a new dust mop when you go to the store? Ours is looking a bit grungy.” 

“Can’t we just wash it?” No, that does not appear to be an option. “No problem! I’ll pick one up.”

Guess again, big problem!

You would think a Walmart Supercenter would have one simple dust mop. No, they don’t. They have all sorts of brooms and a large variety of wet mopping options, but no dust mops.

Next try, a Dollar General store. You can always find things there that are not found in other stores. No dust mop. 😦

Just in an off-chance, I wander to the cleaning section of a Walmart Neighborhood store. My expectations were low, but I held out hope for a miracle. No miracle. 😦

The lady at Dollar General had suggested a local grocery store. Might as well stop, I was near the store. Once again, my expectations were low.

Wait! What’s that? I spy a dust mop refill head. I look closer . . . I find the complete dust mop! It’s not exactly like the old one, but I think it will do the job.

Finally, the search is over! Who knew that such a simple common item would be so difficult to locate and replace?