Quietly the mist blew in as temperatures dropped lower and lower. The mist settled on every surface creating an unsuspecting hazard. The day remained gray and dismal, trapping everyone inside until sun rays returned to release us from this icy grip.

All schools were cancelled, the roads too slick and dangerous, in the morning. By noon the sparkling world dripped. As the wind blew, the ice became bits of glass flying through the air to land as shards littering the yards.

A bluebird searched for berries in the holly bush outside my office window. It must have been an icy treat.

A beautiful world melted away (unless it was caught in a shadow).

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30 thoughts on “Icy

  1. mandyrobek says:

    Oh my goodness, this post might just bring me back to slice of life with consistency. Your photos are just beautiful. I love your writing introducing the piece – you could of said it was an ice day but your words really described the m good for the day. I’m in love with the bluebird.

  2. Joyce says:

    I lingered over your pictures and the writing made me feel as if I had discovered a lovely book of poetry. I miss the farm bluebirds so that photo was especially sweet.

  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    We had ice too! I don’t like it even if it is beautiful! And that poor blue bird! If I was a bird, I would be so confused right now – 75 degrees as we “speak”.

  4. Judy C. says:

    71 today, 35 or freezing tomorrow. Rain, ice possible and now flooding. The robins have appeared, but I’m afraid they will soon find some place warmer. Great slice and pics.

  5. We had and “ice” day today – no snow days yet this year. But, no matter the cause, the schools are closed due to very much the same conditions you described from last week. I think that at least with snow days, the kids can get out and burn off steam by playing. Today, since driving was dangerous, my teens were stuck at home until this afternoon when my husband took them to the YMCA. Lovely photos – Ii especially like the bluebird one.

  6. Alice Nine says:

    Beautiful moments captured in picture and word. We are having snow showers today again. But as soon as it stops snowing for a bit, what’s on the ground melts. And they are showing more of the same for the next two days… Sounds like March is going to come in like a lion.

  7. Elsie,

    Your slice hits home. Our schools are also closed & kids are thankful for being able to sleep late.

    I like the way you captured the blue bird peeking out. Your pictures elevates the slice.

    Thanks for visiting me as well.

    Happy Sharing.


  8. Elsie, your descriptive post is mesmerizing. You have a real talent for describing the natural world and capturing a moment both in words and pictures. I remember a few noteworthy ice storms for the rare beauty they leave us with that is so fleeting. You nailed it today!

  9. The blue bird is so beautiful. I was in my daughter’s home in Germany from November to January. I used to love watching little birds flying from tree to tree in the snow and rain. For them it must have been their daily work and survival but they looked so full of joy.

  10. Are you writing some non-fiction for kids L.C.? Beautiful piece. The pictures are breathtaking. Such weird weather up here too. xo PS I’m so glad I don’t have to travel when the roads get this way. Are you still going to schools all over the place?

    • My schools are all within an hour from home, so I’m home every night. Guess what, I have a friend who was just accepted into the Judson doctoral program. Wondered if you would encounter her.

  11. Sunlight glistening on ice does make a beautiful picture. Right now the sun is shining and we are in the run for breaking high temps tomorrow before 30s and rain for the weekend. Unbelievable.

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