Ice Dam

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We like ice. No, not on roads or sidewalks or cars or power lines. We like ice available to fill our glass of iced tea, to fill an ice bucket, to fill a cooler. We like ice ready at the push of a button. We do not like filling ice trays, twisting ice trays this way and that way, pushing to pop that last cube from the grips of the ice tray. Like I said, we like ice; we want it convenient; we want it ready at all times.

Several years ago, we needed a new refrigerator. Consumer Reports magazine was consulted for the most reliable and energy efficient refrigerator. Samsung was the pick. Imagine our delight when we discovered a Samsung with two ice makers! One located conveniently in a corner of the refrigerator  and one in the freezer drawer.

We were in ice heaven, for a while. . .

The ice maker in the refrigerator section stopped producing ice. It became an ice encrusted ice maker. No ice could drop into the ice receptacle, it was an ice dam. Oh well, we have the ice maker in the freezer. That will fill our needs. It did, for a while . . .

Eventually, both ice makers refused to produce ice. We googled fixes for this issue. They didn’t work. Finally, we had to contact a repair person (of course we were out of the warranty period 😦 ). Several visits and a large check later, we had two working ice makers. We were informed there was a design flaw in the original assembly of the ice maker on top. It should be fixed, now.

Many months go by, we are happy, we have ice, for a while . . .

Currently, the ice maker in the refrigerator will still become encased in ice crystals and the ice will create a dam against the wall. Every couple of weeks, I have to take a sharp object to pry the icy crystals away from the ice maker, jiggle and jar the dammed ice to create a clear path to the receptacle. I don’t know how long this will work, but I hold my breath every time I approach the ice maker. (I know, first world problems.)

That’s a flashlight in the bottom to shed a bit of light on my issue. The ice maker bucket has to be removed in order to check on our ice crystal problem.


15 thoughts on “Ice Dam

  1. Sigh, I know this issue far too well. This is my husband Scott’s job these days, since the last time I attempted to “solve” the problem we wound up needing a new refrigerator!

  2. Uggh! We had to deal with the chipping-away-with-something-sharp at our old house! Sooooo annoying! I cracked up when you were delighted to have TWO ice makers… and then they both broke. Figures! 😉

  3. I can so relate to freezer issues. Ours chose to form icebergs in the bottom which we had to chip out periodically. If we forgot, we had a flood on the kitchen floor. (When we went on vacation, we actually had to leave instructions for house sitters to chip out the freezer periodically!) I hope your fix holds up.

  4. We, too, have a Samsung and have had some minor problems with it. It continues to make ice, but the cubes often get jammed in the tray and I have to remove the ice bucket, jiggle it to loosen the cubes, then return it to its place in the fridge. That usually works…but I hope we’re not headed toward worse problems in the future. It’s funny…I have never required fancy gadgets or much in the way of modern conveniences, but I did look forward to a new fridge with an ice-maker. That was in my Margarita days. Now I’m not even supposed to be consuming alcohol! Oh, well.

  5. Terje says:

    I have never had an ice maker. i don’t know what I am missing probably. A fridge with two ice makers sounds fascinating. Well, as long as it works.

  6. Ahh…we had a Samsung too and same problem. In this new house we have very hard water and were advised not to have water or not even inside making ice. Guess what? I’m not missing ice and use our Britta for cold water. Ice is cheap at our grocery, so I will just have it on hand for parties. It is amazing what we can get used to. 🙂 xo

  7. lindabaie says:

    It sounds like my brother’s problems, but I don’t know the kind of refrigerator he has. Yes, a 1st world problem. I wonder if our “love” for these is from the earlier years of those ice trays & like TP, no one willing to get the ice out? Best wishes in your icy journey, Elsie!

  8. Judy C. says:

    I don’t think it matters the brand of refrigerator, as we get these ice dams every so often. We were lucky and ours was still under warranty because, or course, there was a “design flaw”. So far it continues to produce ice. How did we every survive without these “handy” contraptions?

  9. An inconvenience that shouldn’t be one since it was supposed to be part of the package deal. Isn’t it amazing how when we go to get tings fixed it always seems that the warranty has expired?

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