Where Is It?

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Pushing the door to exit Kohls, I step into the sunshine and confusion. “Where did I park my car?

My eyes scanned the rows, looking for some familiar shape. My mind rewinding my arrival to the parking lot. I turned around and looked back at the door I’d just left. Yes, that was the door I entered, which verified I was in the correct area of the parking lot.

The only thing left to do was wander up and down the rows of cars while clicking my key fob, listening for the beep, beep of the car doors unlocking and the flashing of the tail lights. Trying not to look like I lost my car (which I clearly had), I walked with a determined step. At one point, I knew I was too far away from the door, so I crossed over to another row. Clicking, listening, looking for some sign of my car. No luck!

Just when I began to panic (thinking my car was stolen), I remembered I did not drive my usual car. I had taken our other car because my husband was using my usual car to haul away tree clippings. Relief flooded my body! Of course there would be no beep from pressing my key fob.

Now I needed to scan the parking lot for a different car profile.  One quick look did not reveal the car. This car is keyless, so I had to dig deep into my purse for the fob for this car. Once again, I trudged up and down the rows of cars clicking, listening, looking. Once again, panic begins to snake its way throughout my body.

Faintly, I hear a beep respond to my click. One row over, tail lights flash as I try it again. Yes, there it is! Now I remember, I scored a great parking place, the second car in the row, just a few steps away from the door, too bad I didn’t remember that as I left the store fifteen minutes ago.

21 thoughts on “Where Is It?

  1. Joyce says:

    Is it wrong to feel validated that two of my favorite ladies have forgotten where they parked? I have done it numerous times…..but these two ladies are always on top of every detail!!!! I just love you and your humanness!!!

  2. Hahahahaha, I’ve been there! Hard to find the car when you’re looking for the wrong one! 🙂 As usual, your playful writing style had me laughing along the whole way!

  3. We’ve all been there with you. My favorite part was when you realized you were looking for the wrong car! Good tip someone gave me – use your phone to snap a pic of where you parked. I rarely remember to do it though. I was in tears once & convinced someone had stolen my car when I discovered I was on the wrong level.

  4. This reminds me that we are two peas in a pod! My biggest problem is that there are just so many cars that look just like mine. I’ve had so many days of that sinking feeling of a possible stolen car. My heart goes with you L.C. xo nanc

  5. lindabaie says:

    Ha! I guess we’ve all been there, Elsie. Glad you finally figured out which car and the high point is you got your exercise for the day.

  6. Judy C. says:

    Oh, that sinking feeling when you think you remember, but it isn’t in the “usual” distant place. I could feel every step of your anxiety. You are not alone – we’ve all had similar situations.

  7. I understand your panic. The same thing happened to me years ago when I went to an event. Only problem was that I didn’t have a key fob and my car didn’t beep. I had to wait until the lot cleared out to see my car. That panic, though, was nothing compared to the panic I felt today. My post for today.

  8. Oh, have I ever lived this one. I park my car on the street and occasionally forget where. For a while, I had a recurring dream (nightmare?) in which I couldn’t find my car. I googled it’s meaning, even though I don;t necessarily believe in it, and read that it could mean that I was feeling directionless. It was a time when I was thinking about changing my job. It seemed to fit.

  9. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    This is such a scary-embarassing experience. When I go to Walmart, I always park in the same two rows to try and avoid this. But just the other day, I tried to get into a car that I thought was mine at Walmart! When I saw feathers hanging from the rearview mirror, I knew I was at the wrong car.

  10. Love this! I have been through all of these same emotions – trying not to look like you lost your car, convinced the car was stolen. Thanks for the smile this morning. You always have a special way of bringing us into the moment.

  11. Too funny! I could make some snide comment about getting old, but I have done this before myself. So embarrassing! At least the parking lot at Kohls is smooth. When I lost my car, it was at WalMart and the parking lot has raised medians with bushes and mulch running up and down. The only way to cross to another “row” of cars, is to walk down the length of the raised median, pushing your cart out to where NO ONE is so you can walk around and get to the row where your car is flashing lights and beeping madly. It is clearly evident to ALL that you have lost your car. Great slice!

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