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Five weeks ago, the official envelope arrived. My husband laughed as he handed me that envelope. “Your turn!” he  said with glee. It was a summons for jury duty. 

My heart dropped. When? Christmas plans didn’t include a visit to the courthouse. Quickly I scanned the summons for the date. Date and time to report : January 8 @8:30. Relief, I didn’t have to alter my travel plans for Christmas. A quick check of my calendar showed I was free until the 12th. No need to ask for a postponement. Now all I have to do is remember to call the day before my report date and don’t lose this paper (I need to bring it with when I report).

January 7, I call to find out if I am needed or excused. (Not going to lie, I was hoping for excused.) The message announced, “All juror numbers 1-400, you will not be needed, you are excused.” My juror number was 572. I continued to listen to the message, “Jurors 401-600, you will report Tuesday, January 9 at 8:30. Call this number after 5:00 on Monday to confirm your status.” Disappointed, I hung up wondering if I was going to have to do this all week long. At least I didn’t have to go on Monday.

On Monday, I continued preparing for my work on Friday. My husband suggested I call at noon to see if the message was posted. I did. “Jurors 401-600, your service is cancelled, thank you.” My heart skipped a beat and a smile erupted on my face. I returned to planning my work day with new vigor.

Someday, I will be called and gladly go to complete my civic duty, but today I’m glad I didn’t have to go. 





13 thoughts on “Duty?

  1. Oh, I had some adventures in jury duty when I lived in Manhattan. One day I’ll share them with you since they’re more appropriate for an in-person conversation rather than sharing in this forum.

  2. In November, I was “at risk” of being on a jury that was seated on a trial that lasted 3 weeks. I had to report, but didn’t “pass” the interview. As a teacher I was completely filled with anxiety! And filled with relief when I received the phone call that excused me for good!

  3. My first time I was picked for a domestic abuse case. Not fun. The second time I was excused because my husband’s employer at the time (what are the chances?????) was being sued. Your post actually just reminded me I postponed a summons from this summer until this February Vacation. Thanks for the reminder!!!!!

  4. Terje says:

    I have seen the “jury duty’ concept only from the movies. We don’t have it in Estonia. I probably wouldn’t want to go because at least from the movies it seems as an awfully big responsibility to make a decision whether someone is guilty or not.

  5. So glad you were relieved of civic duty this time. I’ve only been called in once and that was when I taught 3rd grade. I got lots of papers graded and some reading done, but ended up being dismissed.

  6. My last call was to report while we were in Australia. I was postponed. As my newly rescheduled date approached I received a call that I would not have to report. I share your relief. It is not a matter of not wanting to serve, it is a matter of it never being at the best time. If only we could pick what is convenient for us.

  7. lindabaie says:

    I haven’t been called in a long while, but have only just sat, waited and read during the time there. I would sometimes like to really be on a jury, but chances are slim. Glad you got what you wanted!

  8. mrsday75 says:

    I was on the jury panel in our county August through October. Luckily, I didn’t have to report either. I’ve done it before and actually enjoyed it, but we did have a few things planned during that time and so I was happy I didn’t have to change any plans!

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