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Currently, I have no single moment snatched from living to share this week, but yet I am compelled to string together a few words on this Tuesday. So what do I propose to share?

There have been more moments of encounters with spiders as I mind my own business reading on my patio. They were gently relocated away from my body and did not meet the fate of last week’s spider.

This has been a week of reading. I finished two professional books, enjoyed six picture books from the library, and have started an adult mystery book. My to-be-read stack of professional books continues to grow as I step away for this mystery book.

Right now I can’t stop to shape either thought into a slice of life because at this time I am:

Working on a presentation of the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).

Pondering how to make this assessment useful for the teachers to implement next year.

Worrying that this information will be forgotten by the time school starts.

Wondering what else needs to be explained during my day with teachers.

Hoping to find some great books at a half price book sale on Wednesday.

Anticipating that I will have time this summer to read more professional books and the not-so-professional genre. πŸ™‚











9 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love how you ambled into this slice and weren’t sure it had shape – and, yes, it does! Here’s to reading – without spiders about πŸ˜‰

  2. lindabaie says:

    Best wishes for the presentation. Some of the new PD books are enticing, but simply not for me anymore. Have fun at the book sale. Ours is coming soon!

  3. Oh, I wish I could go to that half price book sale with you tomorrow. Wouldn’t we have fun together? The Modern Miss Darcy just posted her summer reading lists. Check it out, you’re sure to find some adult reads for those long, hot summer afternoons. And thanks for recommending the sequel to The War That Save Me for our book club. Hoping I can use the funds on a pre-order. Great idea!

  4. Even though it seems like you didn’t have anything major to write about this week, you are still busy with lots of life events. I’m looking forward to summer too — so I can do some not-so-professional reading as well!

  5. Judy C. says:

    Reading has been my life style for the past several weeks. It seems like I finish one and the next one calls me. A book sale at the library this weekend for me.

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