Day 26: Have You Ever Seen . . .

Have you ever seen . . .

A gathering of exotic blooms?

Sepals, petals, stigma, anther,

Oh my!

Linear lines, polka dotted?

Bundled bouquet, solitary singleton?

Frilly edges, sleek form?

Have you ever seen . . .

Furry flowers?

Alphabet branches?

Have you ever seen . . .

A palm frond wall?

A living variegated carpet?

I have.

I have seen it all.

I have seen it all at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

22 thoughts on “Day 26: Have You Ever Seen . . .

  1. Absolutely stunning! I love learning from you.
    Your phoetry could be used to teach across the curriculum: find symmetry, linear lines, compare odd and even petaled flowers for math, research the various plants for science, study your word choice and repeated phrase and lyrical passages for literacy and answer your question “Have you ever seen?” for social commentary.

  2. Poetry and photography combine beautifully in your post Elsie to capture and share your botanical wanderings. A clever construction of thought and observation, not to mention the use of a repetitive refrain that poses a vital question.

  3. Oh, Miss Elsie. Your photography skills are quite exceptional! You really slowed down to look and found some gems. I enjoyed marveling at the world you showed. I am amazed that much is already blooming.

  4. Leigh Anne says:

    Your photos are refreshing today as I sit in the midst of a cloudy, gray, soon-to-be-raining day! Curious as to what app you used for your photos?

  5. What an exquisite phoem! You’ve created a new genre, and I intend to “borrow” it at some point.
    Your imaginative descriptions paired with each group of photos are so inventive and lovely. I really enjoyed the tour!

  6. lindabaie says:

    Our Botanic Gardens are just a few blocks away & I don’t go there often enough. Thanks for sharing this phoem, Elsie. Flowers and their variations amaze me. Each one gorgeous, but I love those ‘furry flowers’!

  7. carwilc says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I want to know how you made the photo collages. And you remind me, “Yes I have seen things like these. And they are at the Denver Botanic Gardens. And I have a membership. And I haven’t been all winter. I know where I’m going this week on my spring vacation!”

  8. As soon as I started reading I knew exactly where you were! (I got caught in a rainstorm there once). The orchids are exquisite, and your photographs are always so beautiful. Thanks for bringing a bit of spring into a gray day here in PA.

  9. This is such a clever way of sharing your “field trip” to the gardens. I am still surrounded by some piles of snow so it also took me away for a while!
    I must try Phoetry!

  10. Oh, Elsie! Are these photos from a botanical garden near your home or are these photos from your garden or house plants? They are simply beautiful! Your writing captures the take-my-breath-away feeling as I study these pictures. A great way to start my Sunday. Thank you!

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