Day 24: I Have an Itch

Reach, scratch

Can’t reach

This itch is driving me crazy!

Don’t scratch,

Once you start

You can’t stop

This itch is driving me crazy!

What will reach that itch?

Arms don’t bend

Or reach

Far enough

This itch is driving me crazy!

Oh yeah,

That’s the tool!



Scratching bliss!

The telescoping back scratching tool was found at Kohls after Christmas for a very low price. So far, it has done its job.

13 thoughts on “Day 24: I Have an Itch

  1. Of course my perfect back scratcher is Kathy, but when she isn’t around a wooden one does the trick. Things always go better when you have the right tool for the job.

  2. Love that tool! I have several backscratchers…couldn’t live without them. My favorite is a very long one that has a backscratching claw on one end and a shoehorn on the other. I found it in my mother’s house after her death. I think of her every time I scratch an itch! What a delightful post!

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    I have one (bamboo-ish looking) that I keep on the whiteboard tray at school. I use it all the time and when the kids comment, I always say it was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received from a student. I use to grab my scissors and she was always afraid I would cut myself! Gosh – this could be a slice!

  4. Oh man…I hate being itchy! Last night I decided to eat outdoors and within a few minutes was being eaten alive by pesky mosquitos. I couldn’t stop scratching!!

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