Day 20: Five Favorites

Did you happen to catch the invite to Leigh Anne Eck’s party on March 1? If not, you can read about it here.

This is a lifeline for the day you can’t ferret out a slice from your present day life or perhaps you have a procedure that interrupts your life. That day has arrived and I grab hold of that lifeline to keep me in the writing game.

I placed some restrictions on my list. They had to be tangible. Something I could actually bring somewhere. So that eliminated many items from my treasure trove of favorites.

Five favorites (in no particular order):

  1. Coconut: I think I fell in love with coconut when I ate my first Mounds Bar. I love all things containing coconut. I bake my own birthday cake every year, Italian Cream cake. Even though it doesn’t sound like a coconut cake by the title, it is. I’m still mad at Panera’s for dropping the coconut macaroon cookie.
  2. Picture books: Turn me loose in a book store or library and you will find me with a stack of picture books beside me. Or step into my office space, but don’t trip on the stack of books I have waiting to share in a school next week.
  3. Bath and Body Works body cream lotion: I only need a small dab of this lotion to soften my hands. The regular lotion seems to evaporate and require more and more. I savor the luxurious feel of this lotion. I prefer scents that are floral or fresh, not food flavors.
  4. Purses with pockets on the outside: I do love the sleek look of some handbags, but I need pockets to hold my keys and my phone. I don’t want to dig around inside looking for these two items. They need to be reachable in an instant.
  5. Dark chocolate: Milk chocolate seems too sweet. I love the slight bitterness of dark chocolate. When I find the combination of dark chocolate and coconut, oooh! Life is good!

Thinking of five favorites was not as easy as I imagined. Give it a try!


25 thoughts on “Day 20: Five Favorites

  1. So good to know these things about you. Dark chocolate and picture books would make my top ten for sure. And purse with pockets on the outside! I wouldn’t have thought of that but it is a really nice thing. Saving my favorites lists for another day…. I think.

  2. So now I (we) have learned five very intimate things about you! I’m guessing I’m gonna’ have to try this format before the end of the challenge. It’s getting harder each day….

  3. A list of 5 favs is a lot tougher than it seems. I can’t even think straight enough tonight to come up with 5 true ones myself if I tried. I like your list. Hate coconut, no offense. I’m allergic though so you’ll forgive me! I like how you explain a little bit about each thing. It’s a smart list too. The lotion, that’s a clever preferred favorite. Nicely sliced!

  4. lindabaie says:

    I love your list, especially the coconut cake (I have a great recipe too, but would love yours!) and the purse. I have one that is such a favorite that I’ve bought 3! Hope you’ve recuperated by tonight, had some nice food, and are happy that the app’t is behind you! I thought of you today!

  5. There are so many things I enjoyed about this slice, starting with word choice “ferret”. I also love that you bake your own birthday cake, and that it has coconut, and that you wouldn’t know that by its name.

  6. I love picture books, dark chocolate, and Mounds bars, too! For me, coconut must include chocolate – and then I love, love, love it. Hope your procedure went well.

  7. My home-office is loaded with picture books (and professional books) too. Stacks and stacks of them. Having them surround me makes me happy. (And makes me realize I could really use more shelving!)

  8. Judy C. says:

    Love your favorite things list. Hope your procedures goes well today and that tomorrow you’ll be on top of your game!

  9. tamtomatoe says:

    Hope you have a Mounds bar in your purse today!! Go home. Read a book and take a nap! Go shopping tomorrow for purses and lotions! Happy First Day of Spring, Elsie!!

  10. OK, so I’m with ya on the coconut and picture books! Do you love German chocolate cake? It’s one of my faves! I also dig Samoas girl scout cookies! I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite picture book though…too many to choose from! Hope your procedure went well. 🙂

  11. Leigh Anne says:

    Hope all is going well today! I am glad I could help you today, even if it is virtually! Yes, to the chocolate, but I will let you share the coconut with everyone else! 😉 Thanks for coming to the party!

  12. I hope you wrote this slice before you prepped for your procedure. Because thinking about coconut and dark chocolate while on a liquid diet is no fun! Love this line: “I’m still mad at Panera’s for dropping the coconut macaroon cookie.”

  13. OMG, Elsie! Mounds bars – my favorite! My father always brought home a real coconut, and after bashing it with a hammmer, he carved out the white meat that we so enjoyed! And picture books – well, I own over 2500 of them, and I continue to buy! Dark chocolate and Bath and Body Works Soaps and Lotions – this could be my list! Only, right now…I am thinking about a Mounds bar with almonds – and it’s only 7:15 a.m.! Oh, my!

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