Day 7: Mental Plans vs. Reality

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Mental Plans for my day:

I had a plan for my Monday. I would get up, leisurely drink my coffee, semi-listen to the Today Show while I posted my slice for the day and begin reading/commenting on other slicers. At one point, I would spend thirty minutes pedaling the bike on the trainer in the garage. Then a shower would be next on my to do list. Partake of an early lunch before heading out spend the afternoon with a third grade team at one of my schools. After school, I would have some more time to read/comment on slices before beginning dinner.

Those were my best laid plans and we all know what comes next, they often go awry.

Reality of my day:

I did drink my coffee leisurely while I semi-listened to the Today Show while posting my slice for the day. Plus I was able to read a few slices, make a few comments. I did get on the bike and begin pedaling, but that is when the day begins to alter.

A phone call from my mother before eight o’clock is never a good thing. “I think I need to go to urgent care. I think I have an abscess and it is hot, oozing, and maybe there’s another place starting,” she tells me.

I did complete the time on the bike and take a shower, but just in case this was not a quick trip, I loaded the car with my materials for the afternoon.

It was 8:50 when we walked in. There were only four others ahead of us in the waiting room. Good sign, I thought. Slowly, people were called back, never to be seen again. I guessed there was another exit. Finally mom is called, it is 9:35.

I continue sitting in the waiting room. The chairs are becoming a hot commodity in short demand. The sounds of the room begin to echo with hacking coughs and endless honking into tissues. I begin to fear for my health. I barely breathe, not wanting to take in the germs that are airborne around me.

I’m watching the clock. I warned mom that if she had not appeared by 11:00, I would call my brother to come pick her up, because I had to leave by 11:00. Finally, 10:45 she reappears with the nurse. She has a prescription that needs to be filled. I’m assessing my time while we make our way to the car. I think I can drop her off at her apartment, take the prescription over to the pharmacy, and still make it to my school by noon. That is what I do.

I spent the afternoon talking about writing and reading with my third grade teachers.

After school, I returned to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. I delivered the prescription. Mom was concerned the wound is seeping, so I got to examine this gaping hole. I repacked the wound with the packing gauze given to her. Let us be clear, I am not a nurse. I have no idea if I did it right.

I will return this afternoon to check on the wound and the packing. Then we will figure out what to do next.

The reality only resembled my mental plans for a short while yesterday. Once again, I have mental plans for this day, but will they be my reality?




22 thoughts on “Day 7: Mental Plans vs. Reality

  1. It’s a wonder we don’t die of asphyxiation in those places. I am sure I use only half the breaths I do normally to reduce the germ intake. Your poor mum, I hope she heals fully soon.

  2. Didn’t John Lennon say (or who was it): “Life is what’s happening while you’re busy making plans.” But plans are a compass so that we don’t go completely off course. You’re a good planner, and a good responder!

  3. mandyrobek says:

    I hope your mom is feeling better and am grateful you can have plans change to deal with reality. Reality is important.

  4. I have to say your plan sounded great, if only plans would cooperate! I love the description in the waiting room and the chairs becoming a “hot commodity”. I’m glad that you can still find humor when your plans change. I hope your mom feels better soon. It’s nice that she can call on you.

  5. What a blessing that your Mom lives close and you are able to help her. Sounds like you made everything fit into your day, all the same! Hopefully, she is on the mend and today went as you imagined. (P.S. I chuckled at the same line as Ramona – fun image, folks going in and never coming out…)

  6. Oh so common! You were making me tired just reading about the day you had planned in your mind. While it may have been leisurely, there were still many activities packed into the day. “The chairs are becoming a hot commodity in short demand.” What a picture you paint! The dreaded waiting room!

  7. As we all know plans are a springboard for the day. It is a good thing that we are flexible so that we can bend and go with the changes. Hope your mom is better.

  8. I know you’re a blessing to your mom! You are a good, faithful daughter! Sending prayers for her recovery. When I read the title I knew something was up. I have learned to count the blessings in an ordinary day! May today run more according to your plans.

  9. Hope your mom is doing better, Elsie. Sometimes our plans for the day need major revision. During March I tend to plan too much in a day because I end up spending so much time reading slices! It’s like an addiction, but I want to read so many!

  10. lindabaie says:

    I hope your mom’s problem will soon be okay, Elsie. Yes, those plans! It reminds me of a couple of Sundays ago when I was on my way to the bookstore when my car.just.stopped! Remember? I didn’t get to be with my student, I walked to the grocery, and stayed home wondering about the car. Ugh, sometimes life happens in ways not wished!

  11. Judy C. says:

    Hoping your Mother is doing better today and that your plans will go smoothly. It’s amazing how quickly our mental plans and to do lists change with just one phone call.

  12. You had a full day, Elsie. I have a list beside my laptop (I have learned to keep a list from Rose Cappelli), but I am always revising it. And it never grows smaller – I am always adding to it faster than I can cross off the items that rest on the page. The waiting room in a doctor’s office can try anyone’s patience. I had to giggle about the breathing part – trying not to inhale the germs!

  13. Wow, oozing wounds and a third grade team! Action packed day for sure. You even got your exercise in! I wonder how you will top yesterday’s excitement today?😉. I did love all the little details you sprinkled throughout. It gives your writing such voice. It’s like I can hear you talking as I read. ❤

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