Celebrating Time

celebrate new

Celebration 1

  • Mom had a dental appointment on Tuesday.
  • My husband had a procedure that required a driver on Wednesday.
  • Another appointment, this time an eye exam for my mom on Friday.

I became the chauffeur for the week. It was a rare week to find myself free from working or planning for work. The week flew by as I read while I waited. I celebrate that I could fill the role of chauffeur.

Some weeks, time is short. There are too many things to accomplish with the hours available. So I will savor the time I had this week with family members as I ferried them to their respective appointments.

Celebration 2

Amaryllis bulbs take time to grow and develop. My cousin sent my mom a bulb at the beginning of December. Just look at the beauty produced after allowing time for growth.


15 thoughts on “Celebrating Time

  1. lindabaie says:

    When it was happening, I loved sitting and reading while Ingrid had her music lesson. I know what you mean, uninterrupted time! Amaryllis bulbs and the growth are amazing, the gift that keeps on giving. This one certainly is a beauty!

  2. Elsie, Your posts always remind me, a global, big-picture thinker and writer, that the little things in life are just as important as the big ones. I enjoy your posts as an antidote to my wide-open tendenciees. They’re refreshing!

  3. Your line, “allowing time for growth” struck me. Sometimes we are so hurried. This is an important reminder of how essential it is to slow down and savor the moment. Have a great week.

  4. Terje says:

    It’s rather unusual that someone would celebrate being a chauffeur. 🙂 I hope that all the visits to doctors were positive.

  5. Love how you slowed down to savor the time. I love time spent in doctor’s offices. It’s deliciously unhurried, a gift of time to read and reflect. The photo of the amaryllis is breathtaking!

  6. mandyrobek says:

    Time is a beautiful gift and I’m so happy to hear you “scheduled” that time with your loved ones and could savior the blooms in your life.

  7. “…beauty produced after allowing time for growth.” — Such a simple, yet profound statement. It makes us not just appreciate the pretty flower, but the work it took to create it.

  8. If I know I will be waiting in an office for an appointment for me or someone else, I always take along something to read (way better than those magazines). Also, I carry 3×5 note cards in my back pocket I have created with knowledgeable info I am trying to master for downtime episodes I might encounter as I muddle through my day..

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