celebrate newExactly ten years ago, we experienced the worst ice storm, ever. The devastation of that ice storm looked like a tornado had swept through the land. Trees were broken bodies bent by the weight of the ice. Power lines snapped and fell to the ground. We had no power for seven days. Many were without power for over two weeks. It was a struggle to get through each day without our electricity. After a few days of cooking soup on the barbecue grill in frigid temperatures, we gave up and headed to my father-in-law’s home. He had power and the roads had been cleared of the ice.

All week, the weatherman warned that we were in the path of another ice storm. People began scrambling. Generators were sold out at the hardware stores. Gallons of water disappeared from the grocery store shelves. Schools cancelled before the first drops of rain fell. Homes prepared for the worst.

The temperatures hovered around that magic thirty-two degree mark. When it dropped, ice began to encase the trees. As the temperature climbed, icicles formed from the melting. The rain continued to fall most of the day. However, this storm did not lead to devastation. Yes, some lost power, but only for hours, not days. img_1181-1

Soon this front will pass and we can breathe easier knowing that our power lines remain attached to the poles. Life will continue on until the next storm sends everyone into panic mode.

I celebrate the people who work tirelessly to keep our power lines intact.

16 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I appreciate those people too! That storm is headed up to Wisconsin now. We had a little ice last Wednesday too. Now that I have new drivers in the house, I really worry when ice is in the forecast. I’m hoping spring comes soon. Glad you all made it through safely and without much disruption.

  2. We have a freezing rain warning this weekend- minor in comparison to an ice storm, enough to keep me inside and off the roads.Seems like we have only been on the edge of all the winter storms this year, while other states have felt the impact of the snow and ice. Thankful, as you expressed, for all those who work so hard to keep everyone safe and warm in winter.

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    Luckily for us, southern Indiana missed this ice…this time! My son considered becoming a lineman. Times like this, I am glad he reconsidered!

  4. Your pictures are captivating, LC! Severe weather is something we can’t stand alone. Hoping the weather is tolerable this winter and those power lines (and the folks who keep them going) keep on going!

  5. What is with me that I still love the magic of an ice storm…the memories of a big one so long ago where I felt safe tucked in at my Grandma’s who still had heat. But I celebrate the workers who bring restoration. I’m glad you’re okay L.C. ! xo

  6. lindabaie says:

    I’m glad it has not been too bad, Elsie. Our weather people have talked about it for days! I lived in Missouri as you know, and know well that terrible ice. And I taught with a woman whose husband was a power company worker. She dreaded winter because of his work, dangerous and sometimes endless. Winter is not always pretty in the living, but your pictures show that it looks beautiful.

  7. We live in Ohio and I always appreciate the people who work diligently so that everyone can continue their lives during the bitter cold winter season. Hooray for no power outages through this storm.

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