Knife Tale

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Forty years ago there was a wedding shower given after school one day. If I remember correctly, the gifts were to be kitchen tools I wish I had. I can’t really remember any of them, except for one item.

It was a very thin blade knife with a plastic brown handle. I think it said it was a fruit and vegetable knife. I’d never seen a knife quite like it before. I wondered how I’d use it. For a long time, it sat in a drawer with other kitchen implements.

One day I decided to peel a grapefruit, but I wanted to get under the white pith of the peel, but not cut too deeply into the fruit.  As I searched for a tool in my kitchen drawer, I discovered the wedding shower knife. Hmmm, maybe this will work, I thought. It worked like a charm. It was the perfect tool to peel and segment a grapefruit!


This knife is forty years old. Look closely at the photo on the right, see where the missing piece of metal broke away.

Year after year, it did the job. However last year a small piece broke off where the blade meets the handle. Now the blade seems a little wobbly when I cut. I don’t know what I will do when it finally breaks apart. I guess I will be haunting the kitchen implement stores looking for a replacement of a knife that was given to me forty years ago. Wonder how long it will last (assuming I can find one).

18 thoughts on “Knife Tale

  1. Judy C. says:

    Ahh, those little things that we find in our kitchen drawers. I’m sure that if need be, you can always go to BBB for a replacement. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!

  2. margaretsmn says:

    This is literally a slice of life! Ha! I have a few items from my wedding gifts that still have the sticky number we put on them to match it to the line in the bridal book, well prior to Excel. Fun memories.

  3. Aw, too bad it’s on its last leg! I bet whatever replacement you find won’t quite be the same… I’ve never seen a knife like that! I liked how you started with it sitting in the drawer until you suddenly found a use for it, and now you don’t know what you’ll do without it! 🙂

  4. Alice Nine says:

    A delightful tale! I thought about my kitchen tools that are more than forty years old. As I cut butter into flour to make my pie crusts this week, I will use the pastry cutter I inherited from my mother–one she used when I was growing up. I’ve tried new ones but none are like her old one. I can’t imagine making a pie crust without it. Good luck finding another knife like yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Phillip van someren says:

    Come on woman! Channel your inner Geurkink! Do the research. Am sure it is the type of thing that had a “lifetime warranty ” GET WHAT YOU HAVE COMING TO YOU!! 40 YEARS IS NOT A LIFETIME!

  6. I think you must put out a call on Craig’s list for a replacement. I’ll bet there are a lot of them out there! Good luck with your search. Now I’m going to browse my utensils to find some oldies but goodies! Happy Thanksgiving, Elsie.

  7. As soon as I saw the title in my email, I knew it was time for another fun Elsie story! You must have been a child bride! Happy hunting for that new knife and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. What a true SLICE 😉 of life, Elsie.

    I love reading your stories and YES!!! I will get back to sharing my writing. Maybe during my prep today!

    Thank you for always sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. I suspect that, if you find a replacement, it won’t fee quite as good as the old one at first. Your hand is accustomed to a certain feel and way of using the tool. I hope it doesn’t take long for it to feel natural.

  10. Sometimes it is those gifts we get that we are not sure what to do with that turn out to be the most useful one we do use them. Ours was a Tupperware container. Might be a good reason to haunt flea markets and yard sales. Someone might have one. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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