Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

“You’ve got the job,” Mr. Reed said. “You start in February.”

My first teaching job! Fifth grade, my dream grade! I had just graduated in December and couldn’t believe my luck getting a job mid year. I would be finishing the year for a teacher who was having a baby and she did not want to return.

All the memories came flooding back as I walked into my first school a few weeks ago. I’m back working where my career started. This time I’m working with teachers, not students.

The building I taught in had been torn down. Additions sprouted from the original school. I recognized nothing in the school, but the street had not changed. I wandered down long halls looking for remnants of the previous building, but found nothing familiar. However, I did find something to make me smile as I explored.


Harold and his purple crayon

Tacky, the penguin

Tacky, the penguin

Charlotte, Wilbert, and Olivia

Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, and Olivia

The very hungry caterpillar and the cat and mice from Mouse Paint

The very hungry caterpillar and the cat and mice from Mouse Paint

What a delight to find these friends! The art teacher (who just retired) and his students were responsible for these perfect replications. Maybe he will come back and add some more.

Who says you can’t go home again? I’m right back where it all began for me.

23 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Like those who’ve commented, I too love the walls. I appreciate schools that take the time to decorate their walls with images that will entice students to read and remind them of the reading they have done.

  2. What a joy for you to return to where it all began. I always find it interesting when things change the memories surface as it was. The art work is so inviting, I hope you enjoy your time there in a different role and as much as you did the first time you were there.

  3. Rita K. says:

    It’s such a strange feeling to return to a place that has been significant in your life. My husband and I drove past our first apartment a few weeks ago. We hadn’t seen it in almost 45 years.The memories flooded back and it gave me the chills. Enjoy your time at your old/new school.

  4. Judy C. says:

    A great way to be welcomed into a “new” old school. Yes, you can go home and enjoy where you came from. Love the artwork – such a welcome sight for the students and teachers.

  5. What a fabulous welcome for you and for all visitors! I love the Charlotte pictures the best but they are ALL beautiful! This looks like a great place learn and their emphasis on books is to be commended. What fun. I did a flashback of sorts today too. But my pics aren’t near as good as these!

  6. Talk about a full circle. How wonderful for you and how lucky for those teachers. Kathy loved the art work. They reminded her of the books she shared with her young students.

  7. Love that some things do not change. Your old friends made me smile. It’s wonderful to think how characters have so many mutual friends. Glad you’re back where you started. Lovely slice.

  8. Oh what fun! And those pics of friends from books! Nothing beats the glee of landing that first job. Glad you’re able to visit the street where you first began this journey. I’m sure you’ll scatter book love all around this school on your visits there.

  9. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Being able to return to where you began must have so much resonance for you. But it must have been jarring to see all the changes in what was once so familiar. I’m glad you had those delightful characters to welcome you back. Isn’t it amazing how soothing are literary friends can be! Best wishes for a new school year in an old somewhat familiar place.

  10. If you give a teacher a classroom… You have come full circle.
    Oh, how I love those walls. There my be some copycats around the country as bloggers see them and share them and ask, “Could we do this?”

  11. Lisa says:

    What a fun day! And I love that art. I want it on my walls! Several schools in my area have recently closed and all the people have moved to a brand new building. Leaving the old ones behind was very hard for people who have great memories there.

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