New Car?

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

After weeks (maybe it was just days, but it felt like weeks) of discussions the car decision was made. We had our eye on a white Toyota Avalon with gray leather. Back and forth -offers for our car, how much more to pay, will side molding be included? In the final hours of the work week, we thought we had a deal, but we didn’t get confirmation from the salesman. We were left wondering. (Car dealers are not open on Sunday.)

New week begins, would we hear from the dealer? All day, no contact (or so we thought). Apparently the salesman did contact us, but the phone used had the ringer turned off while enduring oral surgery and recovery. How easy is it to forget the ringer is off? However, no message was left.

The next day we try to contact the salesman, but it is his day off. Assuming the deal is off, we look for other options in vehicles. Another day spent weighing options. This car? That car?

Just as a new decision is about to be made, the salesman calls. We got the deal on the first car! Yeah! Be there the next day to fill out paperwork.

Then the phone call we did not want to recieve. Our car of choice was sold on the salesman’s day off. He had not done his job. We were not happy. He apologized profusely. That did not help. We were not interested in the other cars on the lot. He promised to search and find another car like our first pick.

Fortunately, there was one nearby and they could do a dealer trade. So at long last we have the car we wanted. Now we just need to figure out how all the electronics work.



18 thoughts on “New Car?

  1. Ahhhh… shopping for cars. I prefer Craigslist over dealerships actually, but that’s just me (and I’m cheap!). On another note, I enjoy the tone of your writing voice. Straightforward, concise, matter-of-fact. Nice. Enjoy your new wheels!

  2. Congratulations!I have an 11 year old Toyota that still runs well (knock on wood).I have an idea of what my next car will be, but I’m not ready to go there yet. I so dislike the process.

  3. We had something similar happen to us 10 years ago- but we had already paid – only to be told 2 days later (Monday) that the car had sold. The car we ended up with was a lemon! Now we have a brand new Veranno – and we love it. Lovely post.

  4. Isn’t there some hot-shot 20-something at the dealership who can give you guys a tutorial on how to use everything? There should be. (I know Honda has these smarty-pants Millenials working there who have shown us how to make everything work.)

  5. Joyce says:

    So enjoyable to experience your car deals this way….can’t wait to hear the next chapter. I’m very sorry there was angst involved….on to the fun time trips.

  6. Our Avalon (purchased “used” as the kid car back when they were in high school) served us well. My son just replaced it this past year, and he’s 31. Enjoy your new wheels! I know you’re glad the negotiations are over.

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