Celebration Week

celebrate new

Seven days . . . what can happen in seven days? It begins with a trip to the airport to welcome my friend, Kim, from California. Then . . .

  • we have a picnic dinner prior to enjoying a Tent Theater production of All Shook
    Here we are in the saloon at Silver Dollar City. Don't believe the poster behind us, or should you?

    Here we are in the saloon at Silver Dollar City. Don’t believe the poster behind us, or should you?


  • we relax, chat, and shop for groceries.
  • we spend a day living in the 1800’s at Silver Dollar City.
  • we hang out at a pool, eat Frito Pie at Caspers (requested by Kim because of this post), sample popcorn, and begin our road trip to Warsaw, IN.


    Caspers and Frito Pie

  • we study a map, plot a route, and begin the next 425 miles of our trip to Warsaw, with perhaps a few moments of “Are we on the right road?”
  • we meet up with the best people I am privileged to call friends. Friends is not even the best word for these people who have touched my heart. All year long, I anticipate the moment we are reunited. Then I relish every second I get to spend with with them.
  • we spent two days filling our minds with new ideas from incredible presenters at the All Write conference.
  • we met new friends in real life, not just through their written words. They were just as delightful in person, as we knew they would be.
  • sadly we were forced to say good-bye to all to begin the journey home, but we know that we will come back, and we will be welcomed with open arms.

Time speeds up when you are immersed in celebration and joy. What a gift friendship is.

12 thoughts on “Celebration Week

  1. Lovely memories. I am enamored by the way you crafted this post. You packed so much in and I admire the way you did it. So happy to see you and can’t wait until we meet in person again!

  2. It sounds like a blast, and doubly so because you have a friend to share it all with (especially that frito pie). It must be wonderful to meet people you’ve been blogging with; I hope I get to do that one day…including you!

  3. I love the look on your friend Kim’s face, like she is up to no good.
    If I was not currently juicing, I would definitely eat that Frito pie. If Casper’s was the only place along th road I was on, I would go in.
    All Write sounds like it was All Right! Sorry I missed it, especially since I thought about going.
    Glad you had a good time learning!

  4. It was such a joy to meet you at All Write! I agree!!! “Time speeds up when you are immersed in celebration and joy. What a gift friendship is.” Well said! Hope to be there again next year!

  5. Oh yeah, oh joy in reading about it all again! I love being woven into the art of your stories. It helps with the time in between. I am most fortunate that David and family lure you to my neck of the woods for another adventure only a few days from now.

  6. I love the photos of Caspers and the frito pie. After your explanations, I felt like I had already been there. You have a way of welcoming us into your world that is unmatchable. It is always so much fun to spend time with you and hear your stories in person, complete with facial expressions! So hard to say goodbye…I am already looking forward to next year!

  7. Terje says:

    Post after post I have read about the excitement and joy of attending All Write, each one held together by the threads of learning and meeting wonderful people. I am happy you were also able to attend.

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