New Mama

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

New mama in my neighborhood.

From my perch, I watch her

The ever vigilant mama is not happy I want a picture of her home.

The ever vigilant mama is not happy I want a picture of her home.

Zip in and out,

Bring tasty tidbits to her brood,

Always within a bird’s eye view of home.

Step near her home,

She chirps a loud warning.

Others rally to mama’s cries.

The intruder (me) is surrounded by beady eyes,


Mama, your babies are safe

In the arms of this maple

In my yard.


This robin’s nest is too high for me to see inside. So far no heads have been bobbing up and down.



22 thoughts on “New Mama

  1. We’ve had robins nest on our porch for several years and even had 3 eggs laid this year – but they left as the porch must have been too busy. So sad! Loved your poem Elsie!

  2. Love the vantage you take, Elsie, both observing and engaged in the natural world. Reminded me of earlier this week when I watched with dismay a drama involving a robin’s nest suddenly vulnerable to an encroaching crow, another human bystander trying to shoo the scavenger away.

  3. You are very kind and respectful of this nest. I’m also moving a ladder near a nest to peak down inside it. When the girls were little we loved watching new babies grow, from that ladder. Now I need to find a nest in my yard.

  4. Terje says:

    The rhythm of your poem captures the watchfulness of the mama bird – sitting, observing, being alert. You have collected a variety of bird characters over the time, haven’t you?

  5. I love watching birds…how they protect each other and their young. I hope this mama will realize that you are not a threat. What a great picture of the nest. I hope you will be seeing little heads soon.

  6. Judy C. says:

    I loved when we had the nest on our front porch. Mom & Dad swooping in to feed, the babies chirping waiting with their mouths open wide and as long as we were behind the glass, Momma let us be. A delightful site to watch.

  7. I am always amazed at how excited I feel, like you, when watching the cycles of nature unfold. Every time seems like the first time. As you may have read in my blogs, I am gaga over the osprey babies every spring, and watch the nests faithfully to see the babies growing. Keep us posted!

  8. rosecappelli says:

    It’s so much fun watching the birds! I feel like I am part of the family, although maybe a distant relative that needs to stay distant. Always love seeing your pictures!

  9. I guess the New Mama is doing what new mama’s do instinctively, protect their babies. She has a neighborhood watch going on as well!😊 I wish you could sneak a peek at the young ‘uns.

  10. We have a nest of Red Wing Blackbirds in the Japanese Willow bushes in my backyard. Every time I go on the patio or the deck above it, the parents start their warning cries. I would never hurt their babies…but I would like to trim those bushes soon. 🙂

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