Celebrating 39 Years!

celebrate newSome weeks I might have to dig really deep into the week to discover a moment for celebration. Some weeks even after digging deeply there I walk away from the possibility of a celebration on Saturday. This was not one of those weeks. Celebrations bubbled to the surface.This turned out to be a week with many moments to celebrate.

I could celebrate:

  • meeting friends for coffee one morning. We need to do this more often.
  • getting new phones (my last phone was over four years ago, my husband has not had a new phone for over six years).
  • spending some time reading a couple of professional books on the back patio.
  • riding my bike on the trail for the first time since fall.

Those are all worthy of celebrating, but they are not the highlight of the week.

Thirty-nine years ago the sun rose and began heating the earth in my corner of the world. The mercury in the thermometers inched it’s way to 97° with 84% humidity. It was a sweltering day, but I barely noticed because it was my wedding day. Nothing was going to ruin my special day! The wedding was at two o’clock, unfortunately the chapel’s sanctuary was not air conditioned. Fortunately the service was not too long. Soon we were happily greeting guests in the air conditioned basement for a cake and punch reception.

Later in the afternoon there was a backyard dinner reception at my parents’ home for the out of town guests. It must have cooled down a bit, because I don’t remember being miserably hot in the evening.

Most of our photos were taken before the ceremony, when we were cooler and refreshed. The bottom right was after the ceremony. Mike is about to die of the heat.

Most of our photos were taken before the ceremony, when we were cooler and refreshed. The bottom right was after the ceremony. Mike is about to die of the heat. Me, I’m just a happy girl in both. 🙂

Tonight my husband and I will visit our favorite Italian restaurant, toast each other with a glass of wine as we remember that hot day thirty-nine years ago.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating 39 Years!

  1. margaretsmn says:

    What a wonderful celebration! 39 years! Congratulations. Isn’t it great to have a best friend for life? My husband and I will celebrate 34 years in August.

  2. Thirty-nine years is a lot of water under the bridge. When I see these pictures of starting out and your recent pix in your travels I see a couple that is still celebrating life and making the most of every moment…since that crazy, first hot day together. Congratulations on your lifelong partnership, and may there be many more.

  3. Love seeing these pics from your special day! I’m a few years behind you, but it’s wonderful and surprising (when did we get old enough to have such an anniversary?) to celebrate these milestones.

  4. I love that you shared the pictures. You both look adorable but with that high neckline you must have been roasting. I hope they play some Billy Joel at the restaurant tonight…”A bottle of wine, meet you anytime you want in our Italian Restaurant.”

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