Summer Celebration

celebrate newSummer is that magical space of time to allow teachers to refresh and refuel their minds and bodies for the new school year. I wonder, how does summer feel to other professions? Other professions are allowed to take vacations at will. They are not tied to a school calendar, so they can travel when it is not peak vacation season. I’ve somewhat joined that group. I can plan my vacation during the school year, sometimes. It’s a joy to be able to do that, but summer still has an aura of it’s own.

Ruth created her list for the summer, which inspired me to create my summer list.

This summer I will:

  • Attend All-Write Conference where I will learn from experts, but also reconnect with blogging friends (which is the best part of All-Write).
  • Enjoy a summer tent theater production at our local university.
  • Meet with superintendent and principal of a new school to set up a calendar for next year.
  • Fly first class (using airline miles) to California to babysit my youngest granddaughter for about two weeks.
  • welcome my husband to join us for the second week of babysitting.
  • Perhaps visit with my California blogging friends (Kim, Julieanne, Dayna, are you going to be around in July?)
  • Spend time on the patio reading.
  • Visit farmer’s markets to find produce I don’t grow.
  • Savor the taste of home-grown tomatoes on a BLT.
  • Devour all the fruits of the summer: blackberries, peaches, pluots, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries.
  • Get a head start on the year by planning several of them in advance.
  • Learn from Laura Robb for two days.
  • Attempt to organize my piles of notebooks and papers.
  • Try some new recipes found on Pinterest.
  • Enjoy my days!

Summer will be a mix of lazy days, busy days, and working days. What does your summer look like?

10 thoughts on “Summer Celebration

  1. I loved Ruth’s list and now I love your list! Looks like you have a lot to look forward to this summer. I have a list of things in my bullet journal but maybe I’ll list of all the fun things I hope to do too. Enjoy it!

  2. Ok as I read this I thought: Next year All Write. Then I read on and thought: I hope she will have time for meeee! Then I read on and thought: YAY! Then I thought… wouldn’t it be fun to spend a day writing together with Dayna and Kim?? Dreams can happen. Yay for summer!

  3. Time to reset the machine, update the system, add new applications and devices. Summer and vacation allow all of the above. Breaks are a part of our lives which have never been linear. Well deserved break Elsie

  4. Terje says:

    Good mixture and balance on your summer list. Currently my plan is very short – sleep, be in the fresh air, read. 🙂

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