Four days after returning from our river cruise, we hopped into the car to drive to California. Family time called us west.

Clara’s grin . . .IMG_2171

wrinkles her nose,

                  puts sparkles in her eyes,

                                               exposes niblet baby teeth.

The world is to be explored and conquered.

She has a zest for discovery.

Maddy is . . .


the best big sister,

an accomplished rider and jumper,

growing up too fast!

Horses are her world!

Before we knew it, it was time to get back in the car to begin the journey home. These memories and photos will have to suffice until we can return. Sigh!

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.



26 thoughts on “Granddaughters

  1. Love the pics of your beautiful grand girls and your poetic words. Soon I’ll be sighing and wishing that my grandchild weren’t so far away. Glad you had some family time together.

  2. One nice thing about having time is doing what you want when the urge calls. Love the photos and poems. Those smiles surely brighten up the day.

  3. Judy C. says:

    How could you not resist jumping in the car and head West. They are adorable. I’m off again tomorrow – this time I get the girls to myself during the day while Mommy works. I think we’re going to have fun!

  4. Your framing of your two granddaughters is so much fun to see, and with poetic prose to match!
    You have a gift for turning everything you focus on into a thing of beauty. Not to mention your zest for life in general!

  5. rosecappelli says:

    Such wonderful words and photos! Thanks so much for sharing the wonder and love of being a grandmother.

  6. Photos are a wonderful way to hold on to what is near and dear to us. You are quite the traveller lately and how brave to drive to California! Safe travels.

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