Celebrate Learning with Ruth

celebrate new

The seed of this celebration began in January 2011 when someone planted an idea in my mind. “You can be a writer, come join our community.” The seed began to sprout roots as I “tried” writing. The encouraging comments pushed me to write more than I’d ever written before.

Friendships developed through telling the stories of our lives. Mostly, these friends are virtual, but some are now face-to-face friends. They have made my life richer through their stories and friendships. Ruth is one of those friendships that is no longer virtual.

So I was more than thrilled when my director asked me last August to find out if Ruth was available to work with the trainers in May. Yes, she was available. Yes, she would come and work with us.

Sunday, I picked her up at the airport. We talked and talked. We wandered the trails at our nature center. Then we talked and talked until it was time to head to bed.

Monday and Tuesday, she guided us through thinking about what needs to be in place to make writing workshop effective.

  • First, teachers need to understand how writers work.
  • Once this is in place, they need to claim time, space, and materials.
  • Now we can begin the process to develop lessons and assessment systems.

IMG_2158 (1)

Time passed quickly as we processed and reflected on this information. Before I was ready to let Ruth go, it was Wednesday morning and I was bringing Ruth back to the airport.


I celebrate the connections I’ve made because I write. Each one brings joy to my life.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate Learning with Ruth

  1. Elsie,
    I’m honored to be your friend. You have made my life more complete and I’m grateful for what you have helped me to understand about friendship and story.

  2. “The connections I make because I write.” So true! We are lucky that writing, which is such a solitary activity, has connected us all. How awesome that you got to spend some time with Ruth! Looking forward to seeing you both in Indiana next month.

  3. You probably talked like you knew each other forever. Just old friends catching up with each other. Such a delightful post!

  4. How fabulous to have Ruth visit and train for several days in a row. I see the smiles on both of your faces so I know the time was well spent. Because we write, we know that our connections are real, even if they are virtual.

  5. It was interesting to learn about how you were launched as a writer, and then how you began to develop friendships through your writing that continue to sustain you. This is pretty much the same for me and I hope to continue, as you did, to write and to make enduring virtual and nonvirtual connections, It’s so lovely how your virtual writing life has now spilled over into your teaching life.

  6. So excited that you had the opportunity to share Ruth with your colleagues. I know you enjoyed every.single.moment. Sad to miss All Write this year. I don’t know why my niece didn’t check with me before setting her wedding date.

  7. It has been way too long since I have visited your “space” and what a lovely gift today to see this picture of you and Ruth! To work side by side must have been amazing. Looking forward to seeing you at All Write!

  8. How wonderful to make that special connection in person after knowing each other online. Sounds like an inspiring few days with Ruth, as a teacher and friend.

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