Celebrate Now

celebrate newLast summer, my husband and I seized the opportunity to take a river cruise through the Netherlands and Belgium with my father-in-law and his girlfriend. Visions of windmills, tulips, and other spring blossoms danced in our minds for eight long months. Finally the day arrived and we were off on an adventure.

For the last two weeks, we have been discovering the beauty of the Netherlands and Belgium in the springtime. Our timing was perfect! The tulips in the fields were blooming to create swaths of color. These flowers are only allowed to bloom for four days. Then the heads are cut so the bulb receives all the nutrients.

IMG_2099 (1)

This type of adventure is what I dreamed of in my retirement. I celebrate the point in my life where I am able to sample what the world has to offer in all seasons. For thirty-two years my vacations were dictated by the school calendar. Now, I am free to explore new lands in seasons beyond summer. I wonder what’s next.

16 thoughts on “Celebrate Now

  1. This is so wonderful! I’m glad you caught them. I was able to visit the Netherlands last summer and it was a fabulous experience, but we weren’t there when the flowers were blooming. Someday I will have to go back to see that too.

  2. The photos are gorgeous but these two lines will stay with me. “For thirty-two years my vacations were dictated by the school calendar. Now, I am free to explore new lands in seasons beyond summer.” What a good reminder that there is a world out there different than a school year with wondrous sites to see.

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Your shoes are priceless. Travel is such a luxury. You are well blessed with health and the means to do this now. Enjoy!

  4. Four days only??? I guess the energy passing back into the bulbs preserves the quantity and the quality of the blooms the following year???
    In my life prior to becoming a teacher, I would take vacations ‘off-season’ all of the time. I miss those days sometimes but come June 10th, I won’t give them a second thought. ..
    Be well, Elsie and thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you!

  5. Terje says:

    Oh, the tulip field. It’s one thing to see them on pictures, but to see in person – unbelievably beautiful. I am glad you are the master of your own time and make plans happen when you wish.

  6. Marcie Rush says:

    Such a wonderful, well-deserved celebration of travel in retirement. Enjoy and thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  7. Joyce says:

    You have exemplified what retirement can be. Beautiful flowers and beautiful faces are just a very small part of what you share. Thank you!

  8. This is beautiful. The colors, your smile, and the truth of your words. I’m glad you took the time to celebrate. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. 😉

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