Travelogue (part 1)

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

The last two weeks are now just a distant memory, but as I revisit the photos, I remember.

I remember leaving home in the late afternoon, one flight to Atlanta (only 1.5 hours), but the next flight is 8.5 hours to Amsterdam. Sleep does not come during the night hours. I discover the noise cancelling headphone’s batteries are dead. 😦

Weary bodies exit the plane rolling the luggage along to find our way through immigration, then to locate the person who provides transportation to the riverboat. Soon we load our belonging and bodies into a van and the adventure begins.

Greeted warmly on the dock, we learn that lunch is still being served in the lounge and a walking tour of Amsterdam leaves in thirty minutes. Exhausted as we are, we will not miss either opportunity.

The guide takes us into Amsterdam where we learn about the architecture of the buildings. We see the first coffee shop. (Side note: coffee is not the product people go to the “coffee shop” for.)IMG_2092

We stroll the streets along the canals getting our first glimpse of tulips. Bicycles are everywhere! These bikes are old, rusty and many had flat tires. Many are probably discarded as the owner didn’t bother to return for them.

I remember the body beginning to protest the lack of sleep as we finished the final moments of this walking tour. Gratefully the bus is waiting to take us back to the ship.

I remember how good the shower felt and the call of the bed as we prepared for the first briefing of the schedule and dinner. I looked around the crowded room, wondering who would be new friends by the end of the trip.

After dinner, the body said, “Enough is enough, put me to bed.” So I did. Of course, during the night the body said, “Get up, you’ve been asleep long enough.” I rolled over and said, “Let me sleep.”


Buildings along the canals, on the canal boat, and tulips

The next morning there was another walking tour plus a canal cruise. This time we visited another part of Amsterdam. We were also given the opportunity to sample herring. I respectfully declined (as did most of the other members of our tour group). Back to the boat for lunch and an afternoon on your own.

We passed by the Anne Frank house, unfortunately we were not able to enter. The line circled the block.

We passed by the Anne Frank house, unfortunately we were not able to enter. The line circled the block.





We have been to Amsterdam many times, so this time we opted to rest up during the afternoon. We knew busy days were ahead of us. I remember the relief of sinking back into the bed during the afternoon.

During the night the riverboat glides away from Amsterdam to begin the journey . . . (to be continued next week) 🙂


21 thoughts on “Travelogue (part 1)

  1. Amsterdam! I dream one day to see! I’ve heard of the bikes. I’d totally photograph each one and make up a story about the whereabouts of the rider! I wouldn’t even need the coffee 😉 to get weird like that. Can’t wait to follow this trip more. I’ve been dormant. Love the view from you though!

  2. Thank you for being my “travel guide” especially during this busy time of the school year. It gives me hope and something to look forward to when I retire. Can’t wait to read how the adventure continues.

  3. So exciting to hear all the details, and to move along with you. What a pleasure it already seems, to be there in that wonderful place. Waiting for what’s next!

  4. Welcome back. Great pictures. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Might even give me some inspiration on how to write me travelogue when we return from Africa.

  5. Rose Cappelli says:

    I figured you were traveling! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I was only in Amsterdam briefly many, many years ago so I am excited to travel along with you. Thanks for sharing your travelogue!

  6. Judy C. says:

    It’s been many, many years since I traveled to Amsterdam and your travels bring back happy memories. It is a beautiful place and I look forward to hearing more of your river cruise. I just may have to add this to our bucket list of travels.

  7. Last night, when finishing up my post for today, I wondered, “What has happened to Elsie?” Next thought was, “She must be traveling.” Delighted to find your post today and to find out about your river cruise. Looking forward to hearing how you like it as I’ve been contemplating taking one of those cruises. Thanks for the travelogue!

  8. Excited to be along for the ride of another trip with LeAnn! I felt your weariness, but applaud your ability to push through it. Resetting those body clocks is always a challenge, especially since you missed sleeping on your flight. Can’t wait for more pics and trip details to come.

  9. Ahhh, I loved reading this! I lived in Amsterdam for two years many years ago and recognize many of your sights! I am certain you enjoyed your trip and can’t wait to read what comes next!

  10. Been waiting for your return and the first piece about the trip! I love Amsterdam, all the canals and interesting neighborhoods and museums. I love that a draught beer is Heineken and not Miller or something else that is tasteless 🙂 I love the weary body feeling of being on an adventure. As you emphasize the weariness here, I am transported…can’t wait to hear of the other places you visited on this trip! Bon retour!

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