Celebrate Learning

celebrate newThis week, the gusting winds pushed me every time I stepped outside. I watched the trees in the yard shake, bend, but yet remain intact, no broken limbs. The howling winds and gray skies make me want to hibernate just a bit longer, even though I am surrounded by the pop of color blooming. The cold I caught two weeks ago, still hung on zapping my energy level. I’m ready to shake it off (as Taylor Swift says). If only the winds could blow it away! But this is not the day for wallowing in misery, this is the day to reflect on the week to find the blatant or hidden celebrations.

I celebrate the school I’ve been working with for the last two years. This week we had our final meeting days. Last year our focus was on reading. We spent this year developing writer’s workshop in the K-4 classrooms. A few weeks ago, I was able to observe every class for the entire writing workshop period. The teachers work at developing writer’s workshop, and they are noticing changes in their students. Is it perfect in every class? Not yet, but their willingness to try is something to celebrate.

This school promotes learning. Several grades are having a change in their staff. The new teachers were invited to our final meeting to get a glimpse of the work we have been doing. I was able to give the teachers some professional books to read over the summer. They want to know and learn best practices. Their quest for information is something to celebrate.

Since these were my last days in a school, I declare I am starting my summer break. 🙂 (This is the joy of retirement.) I do have a few professional development days popping up. I am so looking forward to Ruth coming to work with me and my fellow trainers in my town. Then of course, there is the All Write conference in June, too. I celebrate the anticipation of those days of learning.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Learning

  1. I want to join in the learning when Ruth comes. What fun!!
    Celebrating the reflection on ending with a school and the learning that has taken place. Hooray! 🙌

  2. Terje says:

    I read your slice, nodding to the feelings related to gray skies, cheering to the learning, and then saw Ruth’s name popping up, lucky you.
    It is truly a pity that we miss each other in Netherlands by such a close call. Think of me when you walk on the beach of Hague. I hope you hear the breeze whispering my greetings to you.

  3. Love reading about the school with a K-4 emphasis on writer’s workshop. I’m sad knowing I won’t be at All Write this year (niece’s wedding), but I’ll look forward to everyone’s blog posts. Happy summer break! Enjoy your time with Ruth. I’ll be watching for pictures.

  4. Blatant or hidden celebrations…interesting way to sum it up.
    This school promotes learning…simple sentence that packs a punch.
    I declare…summer vacation…leaves me envious!
    Blatant celebration: 10 second graders and I pushed through the 31 days of the Slice of Life Challenge. We celebrated with pizza!
    My blood test results are back, with only 1 little thing out of alignement and easy to correct with exercise and more green veggies, I celebrated with a waffle…
    The winter refuses to end, even though the rose bushes ave almost ready to bloom. It is snowing today, and the contradiction is just beautiful. And so we celebrate one final snowfall…It helps to love winter, and especially snow!
    Have a great weekend, Elsie!

  5. I’ve got a cold now, too, and it is NOT fun. I don’t have time not to have 100% energy. Ha. Kudos for your teachers developing writer’s workshop! It’s definitely a process, but I truly believe it’s the best way to teach writing. Wow! Summer break already?! Congrats! 🙂

  6. When I left my school to retire two years ago, writing workshop had all but disappeared. The embrace of the Common Core had effectively wiped it out, along with the joy of learning and any opportunity for teaching to be creative. You are fortunate to have spent your final year observing the good work that was being done by your teachers, and having the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to their efforts and their successes. This is a lovely way to detach…and I envy you for that. I know you will find ways to keep yourself available to learning and teaching, but I also know there are many other pleasures in store for you. I look forward to hearing about them. Congratulations on your pre-retirement announcement, and I celebrate your success!

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