My First Celebration of April

celebrate newSpring brings celebration of life to our world. Sunny days are easy to celebrate, but the rainy days are to be celebrated too. Plants celebrate every drop that nurtures them. New life surrounds me outside.

I celebrate a month of writing. Every single day, I shared a slice of my world. When I look back, I find that I brought readers into my eating world. Food showed up a lot. I do enjoy good food. I’ve been told I’m a food snob, I prefer to think I have standards for whatever I eat. 🙂

I didn’t stray too far from home, but when I did, I took the reader along. We went to a conference at Lake of the Ozarks, to Kansas City for an auto show, and to the Botanical Gardens of St. Louis for an orchid show. But most of the slices gave the reader a peek at the everyday moments of life at home. Writing every day is a challenge.

I also celebrate the cold that invaded my body is on its way out. I rarely get sick. This week of lethargy makes me celebrate the good health that I have most of the time.

Finally, a poem to celebrate spring!IMG_2022

Celebration of Spring!
The sun shines brighter,
Birds chirp a happy tune,
Breezes caress, 
Winter’s slumber ends
As plants awake.
Welcome back Spring!




14 thoughts on “My First Celebration of April

  1. crbrunelle says:

    I’m glad you have spring back. We had snow today. Fortunately it melted quickly, but it was blustery and cold. I really love to eat. I also enjoy reading about food. Writing every day is tough. I didn’t slice this year, but am glad that many of my online friends were able to do it. Thanks for the poem.

  2. Your poem just makes my desire for warmer weather even stronger! We had high winds most of the day…something that I do not like! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. I enjoyed following your slices last month and especially liked the ones about food. (I think of your slice about avacados whenever I’m at the grocery store trying to find one that is not too firm for fear that it will never ripen.) Isn’t it wonderful to finally see the colors of spring return? My first tulips bloomed yesterday…and are covered by snow today. Oh well….


  4. I wasn’t a very good commenter in April! So sorry! I couldn’t keep up with slicing and Welcome Wagonning and responding to everyone else too! I promise I will go back! I love your poem and your pink tulips! Everything really is better in Spring!

  5. Reading this makes me realize that I missed a few of your posts last month. (So many slicers, never enough time!) Off to read about the conference at Lake of the Ozarks. Nothing beats the pleasures of spring. Thanks for the poem and the pic of your tulips!

  6. I enjoyed reading your reflection on the slicing journey of March. It’s a great accomplishment to writing and post every day for a month. You did that! I also like your poem of spring-it feels so happy!

  7. It was quite a month of celebrating life, wasn’t it, Elsie? I hope your cold has disappeared by now, and you are enjoying spring while winter slumbers. I am hoping that is true here too. Have a lovely weekend.

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