It Ends – Day 31

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Since I began this month by revisiting my March 1 posts, I thought I’d bookend this month by reviewing my March 31 posts.

  • 2011 Ship Under Attack!: I was on a river cruise in the Netherlands during the end of that month. There were many people suffering from bronchitis. Fortunately, my husband and I were not afflicted.
  • 2012 Summing Up: This was the year that I had a very full calendar of work days, but yet I managed to fit the writing in every day. It was really one of the first times I actually admitted to myself that I am a writer. Why is that so hard for me to express and truly believe?
  • 2013 Is It Just the End or a New Beginning #31: I reflected on what I noticed in my writing and how reading others affected my life.
  • 2014: At Sam’s: Here was another slice of life, no reflection because this final day was on a Monday, therefore, I knew I needed a post for the following day. I saved my reflection of the month for Tuesday.  Good thinking, right? 🙂
  • 2015 Reverso Poem: I ended last year with a poem using Marilyn Singer’s incredible style of a poem that can be read from top down and then with changes in punctuation flipping the lines so the last line is now the first, and it still makes sense.
  • 2016: It Ends – Day 31:The final posting is a look back at the last five years of final postings.
What did I notice?
  • As I scrolled through the daily posts I noticed that I only had five posts without some kind of a picture. I love including photos!
  • I used poetry seven times in my slices.
  • I drafted a letter that will never be sent.
  • The shortest post (59 words) has the most pictures (27 pictures put into collages).
  • I played with using the color of the print to bring meaning to certain posts.
  • My wordiest post (539 words) came from two arrogant orchids. Figures, right?
  • I was amazed by the number of comments I received. It was such a delight to get up in the morning and find that comments were written after I’d gone to bed. Coffee and comments became my morning routine.

I’ve loved reading so many new blogs! I hope that you will consider stopping back by to read another slice of life from elsie who tries writing on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and every day of March.

39 thoughts on “It Ends – Day 31

  1. elsie,
    I enjoyed reading your reflection. Looking at the length of posts struck me and it makes me wonder about using this technique to reflect on my own writing life. So years of slices, I hope you are starting to say to yourself, “I’m a writer!”

  2. Love the way you reflected back on all your blogging years–I just looked at this year. Makes me want to have one more day…or not! You have such a positive spirit and appreciation of life and beauty–love your image rich blogs.

  3. I loved the orchid one! But last year’s closer was soooo good! I remember it well. You have definitely made an impact on other slicers – I can say that from experience. We know you are there for us and we want to check in on you too. I often have to scroll a few times down to get to your comment box after the other 20-30 some commenters have read you. I’m a late post and commenter but I think I learned a lot from you over the years. Things like how images do drive some of us to write and make some of us feel good. If writing doesn’t feel good, what’s the point? I learned a lot from you as you are very unfiltered in what you write here and to others. I’m better for having read you and having you read me too. Thanks for another wonderful March 🙂

  4. I so appreciate you being part of my writing community. That we have met face to face is a bonus too! Loved this reflection. And I remember your poem last year! Loved the forward and back style. Congratulations writer!

  5. As I said when you did this on the first day, I think this is such a fun idea! I especially liked the insights you gathered after sharing your summary of each post — I found myself nodding, like, “oh yes, that’s elsie! Always with the cool pictures! Always with the fun word choices!”. What fun it has been to get to know you these Marches and Tuesdays, elsie!

  6. I owe you a huge expression of appreciation for the support you have given Larkin. I really can’t thank you enough, and I think the SOL community gave her the courage to declare a minor in writing. You are a major part of that community for her. Thank you.

  7. Melanie Roy says:

    I have enjoyed reading your writing all month, Elsie. And I’ve truly appreciated your warm and welcoming comments to this newbie. I will look forward to Tuesdays!

  8. This was quite a review, Elsie. Your blog and comments inspired me each and every day. There is so much to admire about your writing and your photos. There are many of your posts that I’ll return to again and again for ideas, continued inspiration and just plain fun. I have many favorites of yours, but one that might just be my all time favorite is the orchid conversation. I was visiting my mom yesterday and shared it with her. She has a group of African Violets near the window by her recliner and she got a kick out of thinking what their banter would be like. 🙂
    Have a wonderful start to April. I look forward to your upcoming slices on Saturdays and Tuesdays!

  9. What a great reflection! Congratulations on all the years you have participated, and how fun to look back at what you’ve accomplished as a writer!
    I hope to be joining on a regular basis on Tuesdays!

  10. I love your review! A nice way to end. I looked over the last slices over the years I have written. It is always interesting to see what we learn from our own writing. See you on Tuesdays!

  11. rosecappelli says:

    You have been an inspiration to me, Elsie! When we met at Osage Beach in 2015 I felt like I already knew you because of the Tuesday slices. And your gentle nudge that year got me started for the March challenge. You are a master at responding and I have learned much from you. Thank you!

  12. Love your reflections. It is neat to look back at the month and see just what was accomplished. Thank you for your support and comments during the month as well as every Tuesday.

  13. Judy C. says:

    Great reflections, not only of this year, but those in the past. I always look forward to your slices and pictures. Your stories are great, but the addition of pics makes it even more awesome. You have a unique way of seeing things and expressing yourself. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. And yes, the next time we are in Springfield, I’ll give you a call.

  14. I am just another adoring fan of your posts. And so appreciative of how your comments got me through my first SOL challenge and still continue to sustain me. You so clearly exemplify how we as writers can continue to improve our writing, develop our craft and find inspiration in all things, big and small. You have been one of the “angels” in my life this past year and I am so grateful for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. I love your idea of ending the month cataloging all of your day 31 slices. As a first time slicer, it feels like an important day to both reflect and celebrate. It was great to revisit them with you and to read what you noticed this year. Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on my blog. I look forward to catching your blog on Tuesdays.

  16. Love how you reflected this year! I love including pictures, too. It just brings the post to life a bit more. Glad we finished yet another challenge together. It’s been real! 🙂

  17. Tam says:

    Congratulations, Elsie! I liked how you went back to this month’s posts and came up with your summary. So much revealed to you as a writer. You certainly have mastered how to write every day.

  18. Elsie, your slices and your comments have meant so much to me! I love visiting your blog; and I look forward to checking in on Tuesdays. Thank you for sharing such wonderful slices and offering encouragement daily. I appreciate it so!

  19. LeAnn, such a wonderful reflection. Never the end, just the continuation of another round of weekly writing until we meet again next year for these daily slices. You’re still one of the queens of commenting! Thanks for being one of my best friends on this journey. Thanks for your incredible contributions to our community.

  20. Yay! You did it again! Another year completed. I enjoyed reading your reflections from writing. I have to agree, it is really hard to think of myself as a writer. I don’t know why that is, but I have the same problem. I have enjoyed reading your slices and perusing your photos.

  21. lynn says:

    Great reflections on great slices Elsie! I really enjoyed reading bits of your life. And yes, the orchid slice was amazing!

  22. Love the reflection and i remember some of those posts, Elsie. What a nice journey it has been with you these years! I’ve thought you were a writer from the beginning, am always in awe of the small and wonderful stories you share. Thanks for being a friend, will miss seeing you this year! FYI-keep writing poetry!

  23. margaretsmn says:

    Congratulations on completing another year. This is my 5th year, and I found it a bit easier than in previous years. I think I feel amongst friends, so I am not so anxious about each post. I trust it will come. I have not taken the time to look back on previous years. I should. Thanks!

  24. Katie Diez says:

    What a cool way to reflect on the many years you have participated in this challenge! 6 years! I love that you went back to each one and then noticed…I may have to borrow this next year! Looking forward to reading more on Tuesdays!

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