So Much Depends . . .

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

My stomach dropped as I listened to the weather forecast for the next couple of nights. Temperatures were expected to plunge below freezing. I feared for the delicate peach blossoms. I feared for the hydrangea with new leaves popping out on last year’s stems. I feared for the tulip heads peeking out of the foliage. The forecaster said, “So much depends . . . ” and my mind called up William Carlos Williams poem “The Red Wheelbarrow.”  Here is my version: “Peach Blossoms”


so much depends
the night’s temperature
plus softly blowing
for peach buds

Hydrangea hides under the ghosts at the top. Tulips quiver under the shroud on the left. Reachable branches have sails clipped to the branches.

The drop cloth sheets were called into action. Fighting wind gusts, my husband and I attempted to cover some of the limbs of the tree. It was a battle, but eventually a few branches sported a white cotton coat. The hydrangea and tulip beds were much easier to drape.


Left side is frosted, right side is thawed.






First night of freezing temperatures came and went. The covers stayed put, another night of cold was expected. Second night of freezing temperatures came and left heavy frost on everything. A few hours of sunshine sent the frost packing. The coverings have been removed. There is still hope that some of the blossoms will become peaches.

Please let that be the last of the hard freezes!





27 thoughts on “So Much Depends . . .

  1. I had forgotten about this poem – “So Much Depends…” I see it working its way into my writing at some point. Thanks for the mentor!
    I’m so happy you were able to save all those blossoms. Hope there is much peach eating ahead of you this summer!

  2. How much care and effort you put into preserving your plants! The tree better give you peaches 🙂
    Love, the poem inspired by Williams, especially the wonderful alliteration !

  3. I so hope you are able to keep those buds with all your energy and effort. My favorite line was – a few branches sported a white cotton coat. I also enjoyed early on in your piece the repetition you used, I could sense your emotion and worry.

  4. I love how this led to a poem…and I’m thinking a lot about the words “so much depends.” We have a blizzard warning in effect for tonight in Colorado…and I’m in shorts right now with temperatures in the sixties!

  5. I can just imagine you tucking them all in!
    I hope all your efforts are rewarded with peaches and hydrangea blooms so we can see pictures and slices about each in the future.

  6. Yes, so much depends. Hope everything survived the freeze and things continue to bloom and develop. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the peaches on your tree.

  7. Lynn says:

    I hope they survive as well! I love hydrangeas, but for some reason I have never had luck. 😦 What’s the secret Elsie?

  8. rosecappelli says:

    What a valiant effort you made to save the peach blossoms. I hope it worked! Love the pictures, too. Even you captions were poetic.

  9. Leigh Anne, this is something I know pretty much nothing about. I love that poem by William Carlos Williams. One of my all time favorites. That line often echoes in my mind when there is much to do ahead and I am tired. The photos are such an awakening. I didn’t realize you can put “blankets” on plants! Hope you get those peaches.

  10. After our low temps, all the buds seem fine, but I don’t have a peach tree. I’m hoping for you, Elsie! Our last frost free date is Mother’s Day, but I know yours is much earlier. What a strange winter it has been.

  11. Fingers crossed – no more hard freezes! And that your efforts pay off in continued blossoms and some peaches this summer. The caption under your first picture is a wonderful poem. Only you could make draping sheets on plants such a poetic endeavor!

  12. Judy C. says:

    Here’s hoping the peach blossoms survived with no damage. I can taste that fresh peach pie that you’ve been dreaming of. Spring is here, but will the cold stay away?

  13. With the few warm days we’ve had here in WI recently, I share the same worries about bud emerging only to be frozen off. That happened to my apple trees a few years ago and it was devastating. I hope all your plants and buds made it!

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