It Begins – Day 1

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Before writing this first post for the March challenge, I wondered how have I started the month in the past? I have vague memories of thinking will I be able to write all month. This is my sixth year of participating in the writing challenge. I should be confident in my abilities to construct a slice of life, but that is not the case. So I opened the March 1 blog post for each year. Here is what I’ve discovered by rereading my posts:

  • 2011 Change of Plans: I didn’t show any fear of writing for the month, what did I know at that point? My post was a snippet of irritation.
  • 2012 March 1 – Here We Go!: Here the OMG what will I write?! kicked in. My calendar was full to the brim. Now I was a little smarter, I knew what it felt like writing for the month. By the end of the post I talked myself into a “You can do it!” attitude.
  • 2013 Let the Fun Begin #1: I took stock of having a writing life, it still amazes me that I do have a writing life. I knew I could do it, I had done it for two years. Now let’s have fun.
  • 2014 Make Over: Here is when I changed the way the blog looked. I’d had the same look for three years, and thought I might try on a new style. I’m sad that it changed the style from the previous years, I’d like to have kept the original look for those posts. Once again, there was no mention of worry for the month.
  • 2015 Thirty-One Days: Last year I created a poem for my first post. I still like that poem. It encompasses all that I feel beginning the challenge.
  • 2016: It Begins – Day 1: So far it is a retrospect of past posts and each one is linked to the original post.

The time has come to be hyper-vigilant of the happenings in my life in order to record a single slice of my actions, thinking, observations. Welcome to this world, where bits of you are shared with the world. Don’t panic, savor the writing each and every day. Isn’t that what we ask students to do daily? Day 1 is written and posted, only thirty more to go. 🙂


39 thoughts on “It Begins – Day 1

  1. shaggerspicchu says:

    I really enjoyed looking back at your past posts. I am really looking forward to your daily slices this year!

  2. I liked that poem last year. I remember your first and last one well. It’s good to see someone reflecting on years past and knowing they can dominate this challenge while also being hesitant to the work that goes into it. I have to go back and look at my firsts, although the subject is always the same for me today. Happy to slice with you again, Elsie!

  3. I looked back on my posts from last year and chose to resurrect an old form. You’ve done a lot through the years – and had many wonderful posts. Looking forward to loots more!

  4. Michelle Nero says:

    What fun to reflect on your past first day of the challenge posts! It’s an exciting adventures and I’m so glad to be on this writing journey with you again!!

  5. Your post makes me wonder how I will feel when I am on my sixth year (this is my second.) I guess- as you say- I will feel like a learner. Always, Enjoying the trudge and moments of light.
    I enjoyed your writing last year and will keep reading.

  6. Lynn says:

    Sometimes I have an idea to write something and I think to myself . . . did I write about that already!? That’s when I look back -;) Also, yes please let me know if you are ever passing through!

  7. I love that this was a perfect example of what the learning process actually looks like. Not a straight line from beginner to expert, but a whirlwind of successes, failures, and everything in between. Happy Slicing!

  8. Looking back at all your previous first posts is such a fun idea! I like how you summarized the feelings in each so you could see how your feelings changed each year! I’ll have to try this sometime! 🙂

  9. Your comments kept me writing year 1 and year 2. Thank you so much. Your review was perfect. Another idea for “writing” during the month. Now if I can just remember “where” I put these ideas. (trying to go digital) . . . 😉

  10. I love Julieanne’s title for you – the master of the slice! She is so absolutely, positively correct! What fun to go back five years! Hopefully some day I can do that too! Thank you too, for you kind words on my post!

  11. I wonder where I would find my March 1sts for all 8 past years? I have been on more than one blog over that time. It was fun watching you move through your blogging history 🙂

    • Bonnie, don’t you have an archive of your posts? I went to the archive, pulled up the month, then used the calendar in the sidebar to retrieve the March 1 post. I had each one opened as a tab so I could read through them as I wrote for today.

  12. Love the retrospect. I must admit that your daily comments during my first March Challenge were one of the things that kept me writing each day of the month even when I was stretched for something to say. Now I can’t imagine not participating in the challenge. Thanks for your encouragement to all, elsie.

  13. Elsie! Glad to see you again! 🙂 Love your reflective post today…makes me what to look back on all my old posts, too. Looking forward to reading your writing again this year.

  14. You and Ramona both looked back on our old posts! I really like that idea and did not even think about it. Thanks for the great idea. It is so nice to hear from all the blogging friends! Happy Writing!

  15. Terje says:

    i am so happy we have been together in this blogging adventure. Funny that I thought of a similar post actually, i even looked up all my “firsts” of SOls, but as you know, the posts don’t necessarily come out as we plan, they seem to have their own agenda. Happy Writing!

  16. Joyce says:

    I have enjoyed each of your posts. Always something to think about or just smile about…..thank you for sharing your life’s trip.

  17. The fact that you have been doing this for five years, now going on six, and still want to do it gives me hope. And the fact that you still have some anxiety about it tells me we are all susceptible to the same fears and we are each fragile in our own way. It seems to go with the territory of wanting to write and be read. We are all in this together.

  18. What a great idea to look back at the March 1st posts! It makes me wonder what I was thinking in all the beginnings…I guess I better go back and look! Here’s to another March of slicing! I’ve missed it!

  19. Hard to believe that it’s been six years of writing with you. I value our friendship, Elsie. I didn’t write about them, but did return to read my first posts, too. Changes, changes. Happy month of March, a good time in every way.

  20. Your words and your posts represent consistency to me in this challenge, and I thank you for helping me through along the way. It is so true that it’s time to become “hyper-vigilant of the happenings in my life.” That’s one of the biggest blessings of this effort – to wake up and become aware of our lives. Thank you for putting those thoughts into words!

  21. Elsie- Thank you! You know you were a major influence in getting me started last year. That gentle nudge at the WTL Conference was what I needed. Getting started this year, I reread all my posts from last year, much like you did with your first posts of every year. Looking forward to your posts – you always have the most beautiful pictures!

  22. To think you have these thoughts, you the master of the slice! Funny when the experienced get nervous. Stacey’s comment on my post comes to mind- perhaps that’s because we care so much (I’m paraphrasing). I’m a so grateful for this community. Who would I be without knowing you or having read about all the little things in your life? From your road trips, to your granddaughters, to the bird babies outside your door. Looking forward to the daily dose of LC.

  23. Judy C. says:

    I can’t believe that Michelle talked me into this 5 years ago, but have so enjoyed getting to know you and the other slicers. What a great community! Love how you shared your previous first day posts. I know the first year I was scared and had much trepidation. This year, I just wonder if I’ll find something to fill each day! Happy writing. Look forward to your slice each day!

  24. I smiled when I saw your teaser, “let the writing begin” since I had used those same words to close my post. And then when I clicked on your post, I saw that we both had a similar take on our first post for this year. My first comment from you came on my fifth slice of 2012. Love that we’re in this together, my friend!

  25. Hello friend, I am glad your post was emailed to my inbox. A gentle reminder, nudge to try my hand writing again after being so quiet for so long. Spending the day with Elizabeth, so I will ponder what I will write. Love hearing from you and others. I’m sure you would appreciate the reciprocation. Definitely a pleasure meeting everyone and building bonds of friendship!

  26. Yes, here we go…and I am looking forward to reading your posts! I’m cruising now, so my comments will be few until I return. I have learned from the past few times, not to stress if I miss a day. Breakfast is here! Must stop for now.

  27. Elsie! I loved your review of all the years you have been slicing! You became a “familiar face” last year for me when you commented on my posts! I appreciated that so much! I hope to pay it forward by commenting on as many posts as I can! Enjoy the month! I will look forward to your writing posts and inspiration!

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