Simple Celebrations

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How awesome is it to have days in February that are sunny and warm! I celebrate the temperature from the past few days. We have reached the seventies! Unfortunately, there were also 40-50 mph winds to accompany the warmth. Those fierce winds made me appreciate my haircut on Monday. There was less hair to blow. 🙂

The mornings were frosty, but not unbearable. The backyard sparkled in the sunshine. What a joy to step out but not be chilled to the bone! The hurricane lantern on the picnic table was quickly losing its frosted appearance in the rays. As I moved from one plant to another, a new sound made me scan the yard for the source. High up in the maple tree, I spied a red-headed woodpecker. Pecking on the tree was not the mission, it simply wanted to sing the song of a bird’s eye view of the glistening landscape. Immediately other birds joined in and began a dance of flight. What a sight!

Frosty morning beauty

Frosty morning beauty

When I went to download the backyard photos, I discovered more photos from our January trip to California. What?! I had forgotten the photos on the camera from our last night there. Each one put a smile on my face.

jGranddaughters on the last night of a visit

Granddaughters on the last night of a visit

This week I celebrate photos, frost, and not freezing in February. I hope your week brought you simple celebrations too.