Did You Know . . .?

nf10for10The world is filled with wondrous facts and we are so lucky that authors are bringing those wonders right to us through marvelous nonfiction books. Who knew? is a phrase I think every time I read nonfiction. These books landed on my bookshelf during this last year. I’ve also included a photo from one (or two) of the pages from each book, so you can get a sneak peek into the text.

First up, You and Me Together, Moms, Dad, and Kids Around the World by Barbara Kerley. This book shows how families do the very same things all over the world. In the back there is a world map and a thumbnail of the photo in the book with more explanation.


Spectacular Spots and Stripes of All Types are both by  Susan Stockdale. The text is sparse but that does not mean these are easy texts. The vocabulary is rich. Additional information is included in the last pages.



Planting the Wild Garden by Kathryn O. Galbraith shares the many ways seeds travel and take root to create a wild garden. The illustrations are soft colors and in a collage of many little boxes to study.


 Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner would be a great book to contrast with the wild garden.


We discover that mama is not the only one who builds a nest in Mama Built a Little Nest. Jennifer Ward entertains as she teaches the reader all about birds’ nests. Did you know that the cowbird, whydah, and cuckoo lay eggs in nests and let the nesting bird raise their young?


Steve Jenkins and Robin Page continue to develop books with a unique perspective. Within the pages of this book you can learn not only How to Swallow a Pig, but also how to woo a ewe or decorate like a bowerbird.


Hippos Are Huge, but they are also one of the most deadly animals in Africa. Jonathan London has filled this book with fascinating facts about hippos.


“Nature excels in the least things.” A quote from Henry David Thoreau was the inspiration for Least Things, Poems About Small Natures by Jane Yolen and photos by her son, Jason Stemple. Each “least thing” has a haiku plus an additional snippet of information.


Are you intrigued by whales? If the answer is yes, find The Blue Whale by Jenni Desmond. Every page delivers. This has become one of my favorite books.


Wonder what new titles I will find next?


8 thoughts on “Did You Know . . .?

  1. Elsie- What a terrific list. I don’t think I know hardly any of these, but you make me want to get my library card out right now (ok, actually my debit card, but I’m trying to exercise self control). I want the family book, because I love photo essay type books, stripes of all types, because it’s bilingual, and Wild Gardens. Oh, and also the hippo one. Your presentation of the books is so beautiful too, I want to know what you used to put in the backgrounds and have the covers and inside page kind of inset. So beautiful! Thanks!

  2. You and I have a few of the same titles. I have to request Hippos are Huge and Up in The Garden, Down in the Dirt.

    Thank you for taking the time to join the conversation,

  3. So many of these are new to me, Elsie. Yolen’s book is a must have – and so is that hippo book. My sixth graders will focus on the page you shared – and pandemonium will ensue, because they will LOVE it!

  4. Wonderful, and a new one I will look for, Elsie-Planting A Wild Garden. It looks like one I’m sure I will like. Steve Jenkins certainly does it beautifully, doesn’t he? We celebrate his books quite a lot!

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