Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Something done automatically, without much self-awareness” is one definition of autopilot. 

I enter into the autopilot stage when my mind is occupied by a variety of thoughts. Some of those thoughts may involve tasks to complete, groceries to purchase, routes to plan to get home, etc. My mind is multi-tasking as my body switches to autopilot mode which allows me to accomplish those tasks. All this is said to explain my actions yesterday.

Gray painted the sky. The wind whipped and tugged on any loose bit of clothing or hair exposed. Temperatures did not invite one to linger outside. I pulled into the parking lot of the educational supply store, noting that only one other car was there. Surprise registered in my mind since school was still in session, I didn’t expect that anyone would be there. I knew exactly what I needed to purchase and where it was located. Quick in, quick out.

Still only two cars in the parking lot. I moved quickly to the car to escape the frigid wind. My thumb hit the unlock button twice. The car responded with its usual “beep, beep.” I pulled the handle of the door. The door swung open, I’m preparing to step in, but this interior was brown. My car’s interior is black. Confusion clouded my vision as my brain sorted out this information that did not compute. The next message sent to my brain said, “This is not your car! Abort!” Quickly I shut the car door.

Autopilot turned off. Realization set in. Both cars were white and similar in shape and size. (Side note: I am car blind, I don’t see differences in many cars. Much to my husband’s dismay.) I looked around, but there was no one around. Oops! I hustled to my own car and slipped out of the parking lot before the owner of the other car appeared.

Autopilot can be useful, but in parking lots it could cause me some problems. Guess I’ll have to turn it off in the future.