Snow Days Celebration

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Two weeks ago, I looked at my calendar of work days and felt a sense of panic. Would I have enough time to prepare for the work ahead? Maybe, but there will be little else in my life until I was prepared. I set  goals and deadlines for myself as the days slipped away.

Diligence paid off for my first school assignment. By Tuesday, all materials were in order for the next two and a half days. However, I would need to spend long hours in the evening to complete my work for the second assignment. Then Mother Nature stepped in to give me breathing space.

Tuesday evening, a light coating of ice covered the roadways creating hazardous conditions. Wednesday there was no school for any district near me. Quickly, I took advantage of that gift of time.

Daylight on Thursday revealed a couple of inches of snow fell in the wee morning hours. This snow had not been on any weather man’s radar. Total surprise! Yet again, a gift of a day to work.

Friday loomed. I dreaded going to school. The teachers would be unhappy because they had to redo sub plans since they had not been there for two days. I resolved to make the best of it as I went to bed.

Around 3 a.m. I was awake. The schools closed were scrolling by on the TV screen (yes, the TV was on – don’t judge me 🙂 ). Was that my school’s name I just saw? I got up and checked the iPad, yes it was! A huge sigh of relief escaped as I returned to bed.

I’m still working, but I celebrate that I am no longer panicked about being prepared for the school presentation coming up. I know the work will be finished and the weather forecast looks clear for the next week. Now I just have to reschedule the days I missed. Thank you Mother Nature for the beauty of your snow and the gift of time.