Will We Make It?

One of the luxuries of being sort-of-retired is taking a vacation when educators and students have returned to the classroom. This freedom from school year time restraints is savored. For the last three Tuesdays I have been cruising the seas of the British Isles. Today’s slice returns to the very beginning of our trip.

Sunday, August 30, found my husband and I ready to begin our adventure cruising the British Isles. We were not looking forward to the three flights that would bring us to

Because we didn't know if we'd be able to check bags on the return trip, we opted to do carry-on only. This helped out going too.

Because we didn’t know if we’d be able to check bags on the return trip, we opted to do carry-on only. This helped out going too.

Amsterdam, but they would be endured. First flight took us west before we could begin the journey east. It was a short layover, but there were no problems making the flight. Leg one completed.

The second segment took us from Dallas to Philadelphia. Too many planes wanted to leave at the same time. Slowly we moved up the runway. Finally we were in the air (about 30 minutes behind). My worry meter began ticking, we didn’t have much time between the flights. However, the worry dissipated with the smooth flight and landing.

As we pulled up to the gate, I noticed our next gate was very close. Relief flooded through me when I realized that we would not have to change terminals. I commented how lucky we were to my husband. Big mistake! (Don’t count your chickens before hatching would be appropriate here.)

The pilot’s voice came over the speakers, “Settle back into your seats folks. It appears that the bridge to connect us to the airport has malfunctioned. They are looking for someone to reset it.”

I watched out my window, nothing moved. I glanced at my watch, the hands were flying around the face. Back and forth I glanced. My mind began to spin various scenarios if we missed our flight. I was not worried about missing the ship, because we had built in a two day cushion prior to the cruise. But taxis and hotels must be contacted and made aware of our issue. Where would we stay tonight if we are stuck in Philadelphia? Just as I am resigned to the fact that we will not make our flight, the doors opened.

I was grateful we did not check any bags, but have all our luggage with us as we made our way to the nearby gate. Within a few minutes, they began boarding this flight. Relief sent all the pent up stress away. The third and final leg was about to begin.

Eight hours later we land in Amsterdam. The pilot announces there is a problem with the jet way. The airport is bringing a staircase to the middle door. My husband and I just shake our head. What are the chances of this? This time there is no stress, I am at my final destination for the day, there are no more flights today. Thus the trip begins . . .


24 thoughts on “Will We Make It?

  1. Worrying about whether or not you will make a connection or whether your luggage will connect with you are too common. I almost prefer to pay more to have a straight flight. What an exciting moment though to land in Amsterdam! Have a wonderful cruise.

  2. Kimberley says:

    I love traveling but even that sounds above and beyond what I can deal with. Your trip sounds amazing though. i can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    And this was just the beginning … ugh! It’s so stressful NOT to be in control, but what can you do? I’m glad it all worked out and your trip was ready to begin! Glad you are back sharing your stories!

  4. Know that the trip was well worth the stress – but, I cringed when you noted the pilot’s words, “It appears that the bridge to connect us to the airport has malfunctioned.” Ugh!!

  5. Joyce says:

    Oh boy! Love your stories of travel…. and really would like to have a class in that sort of packing magic. I seem to have a bad reputation in that particular area. So looking forward to the rest of the story.

  6. Welcome Home! I cannot wait to read how you unfold this traveling adventure for us!

    Thank you for sharing your “off-the-theaching-schedule” vacations with us. You are luring me closer and closer to the retirement decision.

  7. Although I am happy to hear about your recent trip (‘tho I and others missed you on SOL 🙂 ), the details you gave about your departure are why I’ve come to dread air travel. Too many people, too many flights, too many complications. I find it very stressful nowadays. That said, my whole family is going to Germany for two weeks at Christmas! I am very impressed by your light baggage. Winter will mean having to bring coats, boots, etc. Yikes! Welcome home.

  8. Judy C. says:

    Stressful times, for sure. So glad you made it safely to your destination and what I imagine to be a delightful cruise. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Welcome home!

  9. Wow, what an adventure! Flying is so stressful. Our control goes out the window. I can’t believe you had all your luggage as carry on. That is impressive and smart! Excited for the posts and pictures to come!]

  10. Oh, I know those feelings! And I am great at making it worse for myself – over worrying about things! For your next post, I would like to know how you packed everything you needed for three weeks in carry on bags!!! I am amazed!

  11. Welcome back. Air travel is so stressful anymore but I know you must have kept your sense of humor. If you ever get stuck in Philadelphia you can stay with us. We live 20 minutes south of the airport.

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