Little Free Libraries

Have you heard of the Passport to Healthy Living? I first read about this in the AARP magazine, then the library announced they were a sponsor too. It intrigued me, it sounded like fun, plus there were prizes too! I stopped by the library and picked up a couple of the passports.

The descriptor inside said, “The Springfield community has a wealth of free resources that can be your passport to healthy living. Using this passport as your guide, you can learn what’s available in the community.”

There are 26 questions/activities and I must complete 13 to be eligible for prizes. The one activity that intrigued me the most was to visit any Little Free Library in town. It gave a website where five libraries were listed. Here was a perfect activity for Kim and me one afternoon.

In the morning we walked the Nature Center (last week’s slice), and after lunch we set out to find all the Little Free Libraries to deliver books. Using the navigation system on Kim’s phone, we were able to find every one. A picture book was left at each library and we both found a book to read we wanted to read.


Besides finding the Little Free Libraries we completed four more activities in the Passport to Healthy Living book. Only eight more questions to answer before I turn in my book on August 8.

If you want to know about little free libraries, click here. There are instructions for building your own and a map where you can locate any that might be near you.

21 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. Thanks for this. I recently spotted a LFL while on a trip to another state. I didn’t know about the website, but when I checked it out, I found that there are 3 LFLs pretty close to me, and many more throughout the city. Now I have an interesting activity to do some day before summer ends.

  2. I’ve heard of these free libraries. How fun that you visited and left books! I hope you win some fabulous prizes with your passport book. You and I are a lot alike. We will do just about anything for fabulous prizes. 😀

  3. I first learned about these (LFLs) about ten years ago from a friend of mine in Berkeley, CA. I thought it was a fantastic idea and still do. How lucky you are to have several in your town. From your pictures it looks like you and your friend Kim are really enjoying your activities and each other. Aren’t “old friends” the best?!

  4. Hey! I have a Little Free Library ready to do up in spring when we move to Gull Haven in Friendship, Maine. It is a rowboat bookcase that I need to put some doors on, and then she’s ready to go! I just have to be closer so that I can monitor it and where I am is not really good for it. I’ve seen a number of them in town.

  5. rosecappelli says:

    Love this! What a wonderful activity for you! My husband and I have talked about creating a LFL at the entrance to the trail where we walk and bike. He would build it, I would staff it (along with some friends). Would have to get some clearances from the township, but I think it would work. It is on our To-Do list as soon as I get past the conference planning!

  6. This sounds like so much fun, Elsie! We have those little free libraries springing up around our town too. Love that you left picture books inside those you visited today. Thank you for sharing! GReat pix!

  7. That was so much fun! Remembering this and your link made me wonder if there were any near me! There are none in my town but in a nearby community. Want to come? There are four. It will not be the same adventure without you! 😦 I let you know what I find out! 🙂

  8. Judy C. says:

    I saw this article too, Intriguing idea. Glad you were able to find all 5. I don’t think there are any in our area. Good luck achieving the rest of you goal.

  9. What a wonderful afternoon, Elsie. I’ve been wondering about having a little Free Library, will have to get permission from my HOA, but it would be fun I think. Glad you found them all!

  10. What fun!

    I can’t believe you have five LFLs in your town. I’ve never seen one of them up close! (I long to station one in my front yard, but when I told my parents about that they seemed to think I had lost my mind since that would bring lots of traffic. So now I’m trying to find a place where I can man one without it being on my property.)

    • I have wanted one as well but live on a very steep hill in San Francisco and decided I just wouldn’t get the traffic it needed- so I am thinking of putting it up outside my classroom. There are lots of places on campus that would be visible to families and somewhat protected in case of vandalism. I LOVE these and have only seen one anywhere near me…in a big city like SF!

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