Nature Walk

Minutes away from my home is a conservation center with several paths. Here is the chance to be up close and personal with nature. Since Kim (Learning Tour Writing Stop, see sidebar for link) was visiting, we decided to wander around in the woods (of course we stayed on the path). So enjoy the view from my camera of the bits of nature we encountered.

As we approached the water, my husband pointed to a shape in the distance. A Great Blue Heron stood stock still. I zoomed the lens to grab a shot. Before I could refocus, we watched as it scooped up a fish and swallowed. Darn, I missed that! However it stretched out its wings and I was able to get that shot (unfortunately I didn’t get the head). We walked on and found another Great Blue Heron, but this one was settled into its stance. Its head was tucked under and shoulders up.

Two different Great Blue Herons

Two different Great Blue Herons

Glinting iridescent blue flutterings winked at us as we continued. At first I thought it was a butterfly because of the way it held its wings. But then we saw the body resembled a dragonfly’s. Kim thought perhaps it was a damselfly. (Later we asked at the conservation center and the expert their confirmed her thought.) At one point Kim had one land on her sleeve and it accepted the free ride for a short time. Once again, I was not ready with the camera.

Winged jewels that followed us through their land.

Winged jewels that followed us through their land.

Throughout the entire walk there were vines everywhere. Most of them were of the woody variety (as opposed to the leafy variety). As I looked at the vines, I could imagine they were the origins of roller coasters. The conservation agent told me they were grape vines.

These pictures follow the vine as it disappears into the foliage of the tree.

These pictures follow the vine as it disappears into the foliage of the tree.

Unfortunately we did not see any deer, fortunately we did not see any snakes or bring any ticks home. Here are snippets of other sightings


Setting off into the unknown to discover reflections, a shy cardinal, interesting fungi, and a bee collecting his pollen for the day.

Nature never disappoints, there is always something there to marvel.



24 thoughts on “Nature Walk

  1. Your photography never ceases to amaze me! Blue herons, damselfly, it’s like a fantasy. These lovelies don’t frequent my local nature preserves.

  2. Love your attempt at catching the blue heron. Sara and I spotted one last year in New York and she’s already captured pics from the lake here on one of her walks in her new neighborhood. They are so beautiful and graceful when they take flight. I was surprised by the size. Love the other pics too! You and Kim must have had such fun! I think we should organize something for slicers to share skills the next time we’re together. I nominate you for the photography class.

  3. I’d love to go walking with you, Elsie, so much to savor here. I was told all my life that if you saw a great blue heron, it was good luck. Lucky you, Kim, & your husband. I love the damselfly pics & that fungi is gorgeous.

  4. Phillip van someren says:

    Like a cousin from Arkansas would say:”those great blue herons taste a lot like american bald eagle! “.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Such beautiful pictures and narration to go along with it. We have more than our share of deer, if you would like some shipped your way. Of course, I’ll miss them when we move. I guess they are all on the south side of town and not the north. Maybe I’ll take some with me.

  6. I love your pictures, headless heron and all! A deer in my front yard was startled when I took the dog outside, and snorted and stamped 4 times at us. Then she took off. No camera…sigh. So I know what you mean. It is hard to have that camera ready when nature is!

  7. Photos are amazing. There is nothing like a walk through nature. There is always something to see. Loved how you arranged the photos. I have not learned how to do that.

  8. I’ll happily trade your view of the blue herons for our deer. They’re a dime a dozen out here. In fact, I saw a fawn and her mother in my friend’s backyard yesterday!

    Beautiful photos, as always, Elsie.

  9. Oh…another highlight of many highlights of my visit. It was such a pleasure to observe you in the act of noticing! There were so many small wonders to behold and when walking with you and Mike I slowed down and observed more carefully! As is your way you captured this perfectly! šŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for the lovely walk through your nature preserve. The blue heron is my favorite bird but I seldom get to see it. Your “rambles” are always a pleasure because they are done in real time.

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