Dinner is simmering on the stove. My husband is relaxing in the recliner while watching the news when unexpectedly . . . the power goes off. Dimness settles over the room momentarily then . . . the power flickers. On . . . off, oooonnnn . . . off. On, off, off, off. On, is it over? Will the power stay? The sky outside was bright blue, we had no clue as to the cause of the flickering power. We look at each other, shrug, and continue our previous activities.

I move to the refrigerator to begin salad preparation, where I discover the display panel flashing a message in red. E Р33 blinks at me. Apparently this is a result of the previous power outage/surge. I have no clue what message that is a code is trying to tell me. Quickly I scan the options of the control panel but do not see a reset button.

My husband begins searching the internet for a manual or a suggestion on how to reset the display panel. I continue with dinner preparations, noting that dinner will take longer since our cooktop is electric.

Husband is not finding anything related to E – 33 online. Quickly I prepare the garlic toast and stick it under the broiler to toast. I grab my iPad to see if I can have any luck online.

Sniff, sniff . . . oh no! I’ve forgotten the bread under the broiler! They are now unrecognizable, charred slices of bread. I snatch up the oven pad to grab the tray and immediately drop them into the disposal. The smoke detector begins its annoying beeping. Disposal is grinding. Beeping stops, then starts, stops, starts. My husband is waving a towel to dissipate the air. Charred bread odor fills the room.

Meanwhile, dinner has finished cooking and I have remade bread. The E – 33 still glares at us as we sit down to eat. I try to avoid looking in that direction during dinner.

After dinner, we resume the search for help with the refrigerator. I try calling the 800 number but the phone shrieks and informs me that number no longer works. I dial it over and over with the same results. How can this be? A major appliance company does not discontinue a toll free number.

My husband calls from his cell. Now the number works. After a bit, we finally learn the key to resetting the display on the refrigerator. This information is written on the front of the appliance manual for future reference.

Now we must figure out what is going on with our phone. I dial my mother’s number. Same disconnected shriek as before. I use my cell phone to call her and it goes right through. I have her to call me to see if we can get calls in. She calls, I answer. It’s working. I call her back, it’s not working. Sigh! It seems that we will need to replace this phone.

The next day, the phone is working just fine. Glad we didn’t replace it, yet.

Hope we don’t have anymore of those power on/off issues!