Friend Celebration

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Heading to the garage our steps are halted by the ring of our house phone. Do we answer it or just let the machine pick it up? We’ve been plagued by lots of dead air when we IMG_0841answer this phone. My husband picks it up. His voice changes from impersonal “hello” to warm “yes, I know who you are.”

It is the voice of a friend who moved to Iowa three years ago. She is in town visiting her children for the weekend. Plans were made to meet for lunch. So glad we stopped and answered the phone! It led to lots of conversation and camaraderie I’ve missed for three years. Friends are a treasure!

Friends from All Write 2014. Wonder who will join this group in 2015?

Friends from All Write 2014. Wonder who will join this group in 2015?

Which leads me to anticipating the friends I will greet at the All Write conference this year. The conference is great, but it is the people who I first met through their writing that makes this conference a highlight of the year. These are friends who I only see in person once a year, but I get tobe aware of the happenings of their life through their words. This is a connection I never dreamed possible three years ago.

Every day I celebrate those who have touched my life through our friendship. Thank you!


21 thoughts on “Friend Celebration

  1. crbrunelle says:

    Friends are such a blessing. It’s so fun when a friend from the past pops in for a visit. I’m glad you had that opportunity. All-Write sounds like an amazing time of connecting. I hope you see many friends and have a wonderful time.

  2. Terje says:

    I won’t be able to attend All Write. I am glad we have these online meeting places. You are always welcome to Estonia too.

  3. Mandy Robek says:

    I enjoyed reading your celebration hat stemmed from answering the phone when you had other plans. I have not attended All Write but knowing it may lead to meeting you in person might just get added to my list for next year. Enjoy.

  4. Whoopee…the dust from the end of the school year yesterday is settling and all my focus is narrowing on my trip East. So MUCH fun, fun, fun because of these friendships. Like Ruth mentioned I can NOT wait for the restoring visits! BUT it is extra special for me because my trip includes a road trip and long visit with you!! πŸ™‚

  5. Love seeing your pics with your friend and All Write attendees from last year. I’m glad that I’m coming this year – see you in a few days for conversation and comraderie!

  6. Leigh Anne says:

    When I talk about seeing my blogging friends at this conference, they just look at me and wonder. They do not know what they are missing! Just a few more days!

      • Tuvia’s greatπŸ‘πŸ» Tara and I were set for a writing retreat in Maine and we canceled when she bought her summer house. Good thing! But Tuvia just announced he wants to go back to work on MondayπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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