Views from the Road

After a hiatus of my feet trudging across the pavement, I returned to walking. (Heavy sigh here.) I take my friend Pandora and she sings to me, sometimes I sing along (if there is no one present). She thinks if she sings loud enough, I won’t notice the sweat rolling down my face because of the humidity. I notice. The salt burns my eyes. She does occupy my mind with lyrics which allows me to gaze about my surroundings.

Immediately my attention is drawn to the bright colors intermingling with the grasses in the ditches. Bright pink wild roses are like polka dots laying low in the ditch. The purple spiderwort stands tall on the sides of the ditch. Daisies wave in the breeze. The daisies like to hang out in groups, but occasionally one is standing alone.

Wild rose, spiderwort, and an unknown plant. Anyone know what this plant is? I think it looks a lot like lily of the valley.

Wild rose, spiderwort, and an unknown plant. Anyone know what this plant is? I think it looks a lot like lily of the valley.

Daisies are such a happy flower.

Daisies are such a happy flower.

My eyes are always looking ahead on the ground. Spiders scurry, worms wiggle, snakes slither, and countless other creatures traverse the same roads I do. I do not want to step on anyone. Is that a butterfly wing laying on the road? My pace slows to allow me more time to observe this bit of color. More and more appear. Where have they all come from? I look up to discover a blossom in the tree. This flower has blended in and gone unnoticed until it began shedding petals. Petals that could be wings of butterflies.

This is the blossom of a poplar tree.

This is the blossom of a poplar tree. I never noticed how many of these trees lined the road until the petals appeared.

Sometimes my eyes are on the sky. Can I get this walk in before the clouds shed all the precipitation they have been collecting? Sometimes the answer to that question is no. My husband knows the route and he has instructions to find me if it starts raining. Yesterday, a bolt of lightening and clap of thunder sent him sprinting to the car. Gratefully, I climbed into the vehicle before I was completely drenched. It’s always good to have a back up plan in case of rain.

More views from the road will be reported as nature continues on the cycle of growth.

32 thoughts on “Views from the Road

  1. Tiff says:

    Your walks are explorations! Always! I believe I remember Mike’s car rescue! It’s always nice for someone to have your back!

  2. I love your walks and to think that you have Pandora singing along the way. I have downloaded the app you use but have not had time to play around with it yet! Can’t wait until next week!

  3. I felt like I was right there walking with you and Pandora! Pandora has seen a lot of things because she, too, goes with me on my walks! Great descriptive language.

  4. Your husband sounds like a dear!!! I really enjoyed how you humanized Pandora – “She thinks if she sings loud enough, I won’t notice the sweat rolling down my face…” πŸ˜‰ I love, love, love the beauty you have found when walking. Keep on, keep on!

  5. Joyce says:

    What a delightful read. You always capture my attention w/your colorful set ups…..and you usually put a smile in my heart. I must have some spiderwort for my beds.

  6. rosecappelli says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and always so wonderfully presented. I was about to ask about Pandora and then I figured it out. Very clever. Flowers are such fun to describe.

  7. Oh Elsie, you make me laugh so much. I LOVED this, it was the perfect way to start my day. It took me a little ‘ back up and reread’ to work out who ‘Pandora’ was, and I just loved the description of the sweat burning your eyes. Such a contrasting picture to the peaceful flowers you describe. Thanks for letting us know what you used for your photo collage. Mine need some serious fixing on my blog today. I love stopping by your blog. πŸ™‚

  8. Tam says:

    Thank you for the lovely walk, Elsie–been waiting. Love the pictures framed as in the old days but with multiple pictures. “Spiders scurry….worms…..snakes…..” –fun. When I walk my garden, think about you and what you’re seeing today. Poplar tree or tulip tree (what we’ve been calling them)?!

  9. Your words are a beautiful example of mindfulness and living in the moment. I love noticing these things on my walks too. (OK…maybe not the snakes.) These are things you would never see from a car.

    Will I see you at AllWrite next week?? Hope so!

  10. This is a sensory piece if I’ve ever read one 😊 I’ve been absent. Seems like it’s been a month of sick after sick but I do appreciated seeing such beautiful nature shots and taking this stroll along with you. Words of color and “traversing” along to a playful take on Pandora felt like a good pick me up! I love your optimism in your writing.

  11. I read this first thing this morning. What a beautiful story to wake up to. I loved walking beside you and those amazing flowers! I’m with Kathy and Bernadette, what did you use to make those beautiful collages?

  12. I have to have my music while I walk as well. And a towel for all the sweat. I can’t stand it when it gets in my eyes either. Love that you have a knight on/in a white “horse” who comes to rescue the damsel in distress. So very romantic!

  13. Loved joining you for this walk. I just texted friends (not subbing today, thank goodness) to see if someone wanted to walk before it got hot. My daughter keeps reminding me that “NW hot is not really hot.” However, when you’re still in school and it’s unairconditioned . . . that’s why I took two fans to the classroom I subbed in yesterday. Lugging them in and out, my own version of weight training.

  14. The pictures are beautiful! There is always so much to see when out for a walk if we just take the time to notice. Thanks for noticing and sharing. The great thing about nature is that things are constantly changing so next time there might be different things to see.

  15. Terje says:

    I like walking with you, even when only through your words. Super hubby for coming to the rescue. I know we are not made of sugar but walking in the rain is not pleasant. Then again, singing in the rain may be very uplifting.

  16. The photo collage was created with an app called InstaCollage. It is a free app with lots of templates. There wasn’t much editing involved and I did not use any kind of filter. Simple to use. Thanks for the compliments!

  17. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for taking us on your walk along with Pandora. The pictures are beautiful. So much to see, if we only take the time to look. Glad hubby retrieved you before you were thoroughly soaked.

  18. Walking is for me the best way to encourage mindfulness, being in the moment. You have captured this spirit beautifully in your post and, with great craft in your writing and photography, you took us along with you on your walk. That butterfly wing poplar flower is amazing! Thanks for the name of the purple spiderwort…it’s growing in my backyard and I haven’t been able to remember its name.

  19. Glad you took “Pandora” with you. Reading quickly at first I took you at face value and wondered what it would be like to walk with a friend wearing headphones and singing. HA!
    Love the flowers and their frames.

  20. Thanks for taking us on your walk Elsie. I’m glad you get ‘saved’ when needed. Our rain here has been so different than the past. We’re rather in shock from it, damper than ever. The pictures are gorgeous, but that poplar bloom-wow. I’m glad you’re noticing! (See you soon!)

  21. Beautiful words & pictures. I liked your personification of Pandora. we worked on personification yesterday. Some got it, some not quite, but you definitely did.

  22. This is beautiful. You turned what could have been a chore into a nature walk, noticing little bits of miracles lining your path. I also love that your husband is so sweet – jumping in the car to save you from the rain!

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