If She Only Knew

An Alberta spruce at our front walk.

An Alberta spruce at our front walk.

A pair of Alberta spruces flank the step to our front door. They should never have been planted there, the arborist informs us. They are too close to the brick. In the summer, the heat of the brick will scorch them. Why did no one tell us this ten years ago when we began landscaping our new house?

The view from the house. Not so pretty.

The view from the house. Not so pretty.

This tree looks presentable from the front. However, the backside is another story. It is dead and each year more branches in the back turn brown, become brittle, then break off.

IMG_0949These trees are slated to be removed, but now we have a problem. A robin discovered an abandoned nest. It was just what she would have built herself, but she was running short on time. She moved in and immediately laid three eggs.

Daily, I check the progress of the eggs. Will this brood be hatched and raised before the tree removal crew arrives? Hopefully the rain has put the tree company behind in their work.

This mama robin has claimed her nest. If she only knew this tree is living on borrowed time.

This mama robin has claimed her nest. If she only knew this tree is living on borrowed time.

24 thoughts on “If She Only Knew

  1. Wow, lots of advice here. I’m with Barbara, bird trumps tree! But if you have to move ahead, call the Audubon Society. You know we’ll want an update.

  2. Joyce Huff says:

    It seems to me that your commentary reflects our daily lives….very profoundly. Could easily have been my morning devotional.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a sweet little bird. I don’t think I could bare to take out those trees with the nest still there. Love the pictures with this post. I didn’t realize that’s what was happening to those trees. I always thought the backside was sad it didn’t get any sun… scorching makes a lot fo sense though. Hope those little guys hatch soon!!

  4. Judy C. says:

    Somehow these birds seem to discover “just the right place” to lay their eggs (or so they think). Hoping they will hatch soon before the landscaping is begun.

  5. Oh, Elsie, this slice is just what I needed this morning! Your vivid photos paired with your slowly revealing text walk us through your story just perfectly. I love how you set up and pace your stories, then give them a gentle twist at the end. Bravo!

  6. We have the same kind of problem with the shrubs planted in front of our brick house as well. They came with the property when we bought it. We also have a robin’s nest. However, it is located on the supports of our patio roof.It is neat watching, especially once the eggs hatch.

  7. I am such a bird lover that for me bird trumps tree! I would definitely wait to have the bushes removed and postpone their removal. Birds of all kinds are endangered…need I say more?
    But that’s not my decision…

  8. Landscaping with trees, ah yes we all do this! Plants are so lovely as babies. Yet so many trees need open spaces to thrive. I agree! Why didn’t “they” say something? At least your tree provides mama robin and her lovely blue eggs a home for now.

    • This mama is pretty calm, she doesn’t fly out as soon as we walk out the front door. I stayed back by the house and zoomed in on her, so she was not spooked.

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